Italian Colonies Stamps

Having established the nation as a single entity, the government wished to establish its place among other Western nations. This led to the expansion of Italian interests in East and North Africa, also occupations in the Mediterranean and the issue of overprinted stamps for overseas Post Offices.

The rarest stamps of the Italian Colonies include several from the Italian Post Offices in China, their use confined to the small number of Italian troops and consular staff at Peking and Tientsin, the smallest group amongst the western powers in China at the time. These are particularly beautiful stamps, often combining Italian design flair with exotic local subjects and collectors can obtain many lovely stamps at reasonable prices whilst hunting the unusual and rare. Postal history from many of these areas is colourful and interesting, from the Cirenaica 1933 Balboa Transatlantic Flight to the military occupations of Corfu and Paxos during WWII.