Lot Alerts

We can send you an alert email each time something new in your area of interest appears in our sales - you can set up this service here.

If your area of interests are topical / thematic (and will therefore spread over many different countries), simply leave the 'Interested Category' area empty and complete the 'Keywords' section.

If you are interested in a country simply select it from the "Interested Category" field but DO NOT type the country name into the "Interested Keywords" field.

Multiple countries? Create a new alert for each country rather than adding multiple country names to the "Interested Keyword" field. We can handle many different Lot Alerts for you, they'll combine into one email for you.

If you would rather tell us what you collect and leave it to us to set up all the technical stuff just click on the "Request an Alert" tab on this page, or click here and send us a message. Any Lot Alerts we set up for you can be seen in your account settings under 'Lot Alerts' (if you don't have an account yet, you'll still get the Lot Alerts), or simply contact us and we'll improve or deactivate them.

Not sure what to look for?

Send us a message with the form below and our philatelists will help you find your favorite stamps