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That's right. All lots won in our weekly mail bid auctions (Kwik-Bid, Sandafayre, Express and Hunters) are sent to the winners for free - wherever they are!

Sandafayre are the original international mail bid / postal auction firm! From the 1970's we catered to our large  worldwide clientele from our offices in Cheshire, England - and now we don't charge YOU for shipping at all!

(please note that this incredible free worldwide shipping offer does NOT include lots won in our public auction, Cheshire Stamp Auctions. Sorry!)


Sandafayre holds major mail bid stamp auctions every week of the year. We have hundreds of stamp collections, accumulations, rare stamps, album fillers, cancellations, errors, postmarks and postal history in our philatelic auctions at all times.

Whatever topics you're interested in and whichever countries you collect, there are always new lots and something different for you to find in our weekly stamp auctions! Sandafayre sells stamps to keen stamp collectors, philatelic experts, stamp dealers and anyone new to stamp collecting. All lots sold in our mail bid stamp auctions carry a '100% satisfaction or your money back' guarantee to give you complete peace of mind and reassurance.

We have at least two sales open for bidding at all times. These are updated every Tuesday, so be sure to check regularly. 

Hunters #7344

28th March 2023, 16:30

Highlights from our 7344 auction include:

  • Zanzibar: The seldom seen 1908-09 200r brown and greenish black in fine mine is offered this week. We also have the other high values from the 'View of Port' set from 20r to 100r.
  • Labuan: There are some nice sets ready and waiting. These include the 1894-96, 1897-1901 and 1900-02 Pictorial sets; 1902-03 Crown set, the 1902-03 Crown Colony set and 1901 Postage Due set. There are plenty of fine single to tempt you with the 1897 16c blue, SG 1 being particularly sought after.
  • Cape of Good Hope: We have a wide range of classic stamps from the Cape. The triangles feature with a lovely 1853 very fine used 1d on blued paper. A rare 1855-63 1d with a WYNBERG oval dated obliterator and range of 'Wood Blocks' are also worth inspecting.
  • Australian Postage Dues: A nice selection this week with the rare 1913-23 £1 topping many wants lists. The 1906-08 3d compound in very fine mint also look appealing. We also have an old time collection which seems very attractive and affordable with 75 stamps.
Plus hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots – All countries in the world from Aden to Zululand! There are also some great sorter lots and collections.

Kwik-Bid #4345

4th April 2023, 16:30

Highlights from our 4345 auction include:

  • North Borneo: A recent fresh-to-the-market collection arrived at the offices recently. These are some wonderful stamps from the Japanese Occupation and some early stamps with lovely cancellations. Undoubtedly, the 1918 Red Cross / Two cents surcharged set in never hinged mint would to a stunning addition to any collection.
  • Sierra Leone: A nice selection this week with some nice Specimen sets and varieties with the Silver Jubilee stamps providing a 'Lightning Conductor' and 'Extra Flagstaff'.
  • Bahamas: In our 'little Gems' section we have a nice selection of items. These include watermark varieties and Spiro forgeries. In the main section we have a rare 1920 1s with 'C' of 'CA' missing from the watermark. We also have a 1901-03 1d wmk inverted in both mint and used condition.
  • K.U.T.: A good range of material this week from the popular East Africa region.  The rare 1930 Postage Due cover with various stamps and strikes is a fine item. There are some fine collections, a wide range of varieties and some splendid sets.

Plus thousands of smaller singles/sets (great for buyers seeking to fill gaps in their collections or find that elusive single stamp!). Hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots etc.