Sandafayre holds stamp auctions and philatelic sales every week of the year. We always have stamp collections, accumulations, rare stamps, album fillers, cancellations, errors, postmarks and postal history for sale at all times.

Whatever topics you are interested in and whichever countries you collect, there are always new lots and something different for you to find in our weekly stamp auctions. Sandafayre sells stamps to keen stamp collectors, philatelic experts, stamp dealers and anyone new to stamp collecting. All our stamps are sold with '100% satisfaction or your money back' guarantee to give you complete piece of mind and reassurance.

We have at least two sales open for bidding at all times. These are updated every Tuesday, so be sure to check regularly. 

Sales open now:

Hunters # 7310
Hunters # 7310

Tuesday, 11th August 2020 16:30

Highlights from our 7310 auction include:

  • French Colonies - Extensive Section of Better Single Stamps and Collections: Most areas well represented with fine range of French Somali Coast, Guadeloupe, Obock and early Syria with plenty of scarce individual items and collections.
  • New Guinea - Extensive Collection with Many Rarities: Highly interesting section with seldom offered GRI surcharge issues including SG 27 and SG 60, later Airmail sets and several useful collections.
  • New Zealand - Huge Section Featuring Chalons and Postal Fiscals: If you collect New Zealand don’t miss this offering from lovely fresh Chalons to scarce Postal Fiscals, specialised collections, back of the book issues, covers and Dependencies.
  • North Borneo - Lovely Group of Powerful Collections: Small but impressive range of lots with high value sets and a group of high power collections, the perfect start to this interesting collecting area.
  • Saint Helena - Valuable Early to Modern Collection: Over 40 lots offered from this country including sets and better single stamps, covers, specimens, blocks of 4 and collections.
  • Samoa - Interesting Section with Classics and Varieties: Small but highly useful range including 1914 New Zealand occupation issues including varieties, covers, essays and later Postal Fiscal high values.

Plus hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots – All countries in the world from Aden to Zululand! There are also some great sorter lots and collections.

Kwik-Bid #4311
Kwik-Bid #4311

Tuesday, 18th August 2020 16:30

Highlights from our 4311 auction include:

  • K.U.T. - Extensive Collection with Elusive Early Surcharges: Good range of better Queen Victoria issues offered as individual lots including overprints on stamps of India and Zanzibar, Ed VII vals to 50r and several ranges and collections.
  • New Zealand - Fine Range with Early Pictorials and Collections: Highly interesting collection offered as many individual items including elusive "Pictorial" issues and Postal Fiscals with several specialised collections including Life Insurance and Postage Dues.
  • Niue - Interesting Group of Early Overprints: 1902 - 1946 Fine group of elusive varieties including blocks and sheets with compound perfs.
  • Rhodesia - High Power Collection with Many Valuable "Double Heads": Good collection offered as individual high value "Double Heads" to 7s 6d and "Admirals" with various Dies and perfs to £1 with some interesting Fiscal use, range of collections.
  • Uganda - Fine Offering of Early Issues Including "Missionaries": Small but interesting range of Typewritten issues including a scarce used 1r block of 4.

Plus thousands of smaller singles/sets (great for buyers seeking to fill gaps in their collections or find that elusive single stamp!). Hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots etc