Sandafayre hold stamp auctions and philatelic sales every week of the year. We always have stamp collections, accumulations, rare stamps, album fillers, cancellations, errors, postmarks and postal history for sale at all times.

Whatever topics you are interested in and whichever countries you collect, there are always new lots and something different for you to find in our weekly stamp auctions! Sandafayre sells stamps to keen stamp collectors, philatelic experts, stamp dealers and anyone new to stamp collecting. All our stamps are sold with '100% satisfaction or your money back' guarantee to give you complete piece of mind and reassurance.

We have at least two sales open for bidding at all times. These are updated every Tuesday, so be sure to check regularly. 

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Sandafayre #5320
Sandafayre #5320

Tuesday, 11th May 2021 16:30

Highlights from our 5320 auction include:

  • GB Queen Victoria Stamps: We have fine range of surface printed issues including 1867-83 high values to 10s and 1883-84 to £1.
  • Hong Kong Stamps: This sale features many collections, early to modern, mint and used including definitive and commemorative varieties and flaws and much, much more!
  • Ceylon Stamps: The range includes collections and singles, with the highlights being a selection of 1872-80 imperf proofs and some super Chalons collections.
  • Stamps of Grenada: This predominantly early period range includes a superb 1883 half of 1d orange unsevered pair used, along with a good selection of KEVII sets and high values.
  • Stamps of Malayan States: Big collections and big stamps here, with a cracking Pahang 1898 $5 overprint cds used and collections of Johore, Perak, Selangor and Sunjei Ujong. Mouth-watering!
  • Germany Stamps: A wide ranging selection from early states onwards and including occupations, locals, Allied Zones and German Colonies with interesting Airs, Zeppelin stamps, plate flaws and varieties, "POL" perfins, etc. etc.
  • Kuwait Stamps: The varied range has collections sets and single stamps, including 1933-4 3a Air Mail "Q for A" variety NHM block of 4, along with KGVI and QEII flaws and varieties and more!

Plus hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots – All countries in the world from Aden to Zululand! There are also some great sorter lots and collections.

Express #6320
Express #6320

Tuesday, 18th May 2021 16:30

Highlights from our 6320 auction include:

  • Heligoland Stamps: A very special selection from the collection of Robert T Pollard, the premier expert on Heligoland. We have selections from the original printings both mint and used as well as complete sheets, individual stamps and postal history.
  • Covers of the World: This sale features some superb postal history including collections from Heligoland and Norway, early Venezuela including pre-stamp wrappers, rare Gilbert and Ellice Is covers, and some marvellous Austria 1860's items including Post Offices in Levant 1867 entire to Genoa.
  • Hong Kong Stamps: We have some big classics including 1866 18c lilac unused and 1938 $5 yellowish green and violet plus many affordable single, sets, booklets and miniature sheets in our "Little Gems" section.
  • Australian Stamps: A wide ranging selection including some fascinating specialised collections, 'O.S.' Perfin Roos, Postage Dues, modern varieties and speciality items, covers and aerogrammes etcetera, etcetera!
  • New Zealand Stamps: Something of everything here, from general and specialised collections to modern pictorial sets, along with classic varieties and errors such as 1936-42 2s with "COQK" flaw, plus Officials, Postal Fiscals, Postage Dues and Health Stamps.
  • Norway Stamps: A varied offering with some very fine used 20th century collections and a good range of 19thy century singles ad sets, postage dues, locals, covers etc.
  • Italy Stamps and Essays: A range that takes us back to the origins of Italian postage stamps including a lovely collection of 1863 trial cancellations on specimen proofs and, staying in 1863, a range of essays for official and parcel post seals plus later Telegraph stamp essays and much, much more.

Plus thousands of smaller singles/sets (great for buyers seeking to fill gaps in their collections or find that elusive single stamp!). Hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots etc.