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Whatever topics you are interested in and whichever countries you collect, there are always new lots and something different for you to find in our weekly stamp auctions. Sandafayre sells stamps to keen stamp collectors, philatelic experts, stamp dealers and anyone new to stamp collecting. All our stamps are sold with '100% satisfaction or your money back' guarantee to give you complete piece of mind and reassurance.

We have at least two sales open for bidding at all times. These are updated every Tuesday, so be sure to check regularly. 

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Hunters # 7314
Hunters # 7314

Tuesday, 1st December 2020 16:30

Highlights from our 7314 auction include:

  • Australian States - Victoria: Fine range of "Half-lengths" offered as individual lots with later High Values, Postal Fiscals, Ed VII vals to £2 and a strong balance collection (Lot 5234)

  • Ceylon - Extensive Range Of Better Stamps And Collections: From 1857 imperfs through to 1952 Postal Fiscals including varieties, Specimens and a strong group of Queen Victoria collections.

  • French Colonies - Syria: Exceptional collection of mint and used issues offered as a range of individual better items, complete sets and valuable collections including many varieties.

  • Italian Colonies - Magnificent Range Of Better Sets And Collections: Almost all areas represented with fine ranges of better individual items and complete sets, note Offices in China and extensive collections of Eritrea, Libya, Somalia and Tripolitania.

  • Montserrat - Early to Modern Collection: Offered as an extensive range of better individual items, complete sets and a superb early to modern collection (Lot 6990) with some scarce varieties, Specimens and multiples noted.

  • New Zealand - Advertising Stamps: Superb range of these elusive issues including better individual items and complete settings, watermark varieties and more.

  • South West Africa - Fine Collection from German Colony to 1964 Colour Trials: Lovely range of better items, high value pairs and complete sets offered as individual lots with a fine group of Postage Dues including a good mint collection (Lot 7839) and some early Postal History material.

  • Sudan - Scarce Army Officials: Specialised offering of these elusive issues including several complete overprint settings, better items and several Postal History pieces.

  • Yugoslavia - First Part of An Enormous Specialised Holding: Includes superb range of 1920 Regional Issues for Slovenia and a large offering of early to modern Proofs, Errors and Varieties (including Obligatory Tax issues). Plenty here for the specialist.

Plus hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots – All countries in the world from Aden to Zululand! There are also some great sorter lots and collections.

CSA - Public Stamp Auction #8315
CSA - Public Stamp Auction #8315

Saturday, 5th December 2020 13:00

Highlights from our 8315 auction include:


  • Genera Collections and Accumulations: Over 100 Collections, Cartons, Albums, Stocks and Sorter lots estimated from £50 to £1000 including Olde Tyme collection (lot 14) E. £1000-£2000, 1864 Lalier Album (lot 17) E. £650-800, Foreign Covers holding (lot 15) E. £800 -1200 Overprints on GB (lot 19) E> £600 - 900, World Air Covers (lot 21) E. £500 - 700 and much, much more.
  • Great Britain - General Lots: Over 40 general lots and accumulations including Postal History and Cover lots, lot 302 "Tremendous" retiring dealer's "glory box" E. £1400 - 1800, lot 303 E. £600 - 900, Early to modern colln in 9 albums. Lot 323 Flaws, varieties and panes etc E. £120 - £180 and many more.
  • GB - QV to Edward VII: Fine range of mostly collections or issue ranges including Manchester Postal History (lot 345) E. £400 - 600, QV collection in Windsor Album (lot346) E.£600 - 800, Edward VII Specialised mint collection (lot 365) E. £1200 - 1500, 1906 2s booklet, (lot 372) E. £900 - 1100, various lots of varieties.
  • GB - George V: Good range of individual stamps and collections including 1911 - 24 Definitives collection (lot 385) E. £2000 - £2500, 1911 Downey Head specialised collection (lot 389) E. £500 - 600plus interesting varieties.
  • GB - Queen Elizabeth II: Bumper range of over 100 lots of collections, ranges and accumulations including 1953 - 94 Presentation Packs (lot 423) E. £450 - 500, 1971 - 2010 All Inclusive Collection (lot 463) E. £550 - 700, 2000 - 2003 Booklet collection (lot 473) E. £330 - 400, Folded Booklet collection Face £665 (lot 495) E. £325 - £400, Wilding Varieties on Booklet Panes, (lot 535) E. £300 - £350 and so much more.
  • GB - Islands: An amazing hoard of GB Islands material with some spectacular Isle of Man lots including Postal History (lot 552) E. £500 - 750, 1934 - 99 Flown Covers (lot 546) E. £800 - £1200, 8000 FDCs collection ! (lot 545) E. £750 - 1000, Unique Stamp Artwork (lot 553) E. £900 - 1200, WWII Internment Camp Mail (lot 559) E. £400 - £500.

Kwik-Bid #4315
Kwik-Bid #4315

Tuesday, 8th December 2020 16:30

Highlights from our 4315 auction include:

  • German Area - Extensive Offering Covering All Areas: Includes fine ranges of German States, Occupations including scarce Yugoslav issues, Post WWII issues including Allied Zones, Berlin, and Colonies including substantial collections of Offices in China and Morocco.

  • Italian Colonies - Over 80 Lots with Many Complete Sets and Better Items: Note scarce Offices in Constantinople, extensive Dodecanese Islands, scarce Somalia Postage Dues and Tripolitania.

  • Nauru - Good Mint and Used Collection: Broken down and offered and individual lots with fine ranges of overprinted "Seahorses".

  • New Zealand - Advertising Stamps: Spectacular series of individual better items and partial setting reconstructions offered value by value.

  • South West Africa - Attractive Offering: Includes values to £1 as individual bi-lingual pairs and "Specimens"

  • Yugoslavia - A Further Portion of An Extensive Holding: Includes many scarce individual better items, collections and Postage Dues.

Plus thousands of smaller singles/sets (great for buyers seeking to fill gaps in their collections or find that elusive single stamp!). Hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots etc.