The Stamps and Postal History of Italian States

Italian States Stamps - Postally, the states developed separately – partly because of differences in currency, therefore the interchange of mail between them was complicated. The use of postal handstamps developed during the 18th century and spheres of influence were clearly defined by the outbreak of the French Revolutionary Wars. Between 1851 and 1870 ten states including Lombardy Venetia issued stamps, all imperforate and long the favourite of collectors of classics. Some of the world’s greatest collectors have formed large collections of these atmospheric, philatelic treasures.

From the Bourbon Dynasty Arms of Naples to the Sicilian “Bombas” (so-named King Ferdinand who also insisted on a postmark which framed his portrait had aggressively suppressed insurrection) every stamp has a story to tell. We highly recommend the stamp listings in the Stanley Gibbons Part 8 “Italy and Switzerland” also the various excellent specialised catalogues published by Sassone.

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