Vincent Green

Philatelist & Company Chairman

Vincent was given his first stamp collection at the age of 7 and was collecting solely the stamps of Great Britain by 12. He voraciously read stamp magazines and was taking the whole thing too seriously when his pocket money was stopped by his parents after he bought a stamp with most of his childhood savings. The school Careers Master had no idea how to help a lad who wanted to be a ‘Stamp Dealer’ and suggested that he contact the local Post Office. In 1980 he left education for a job at a stamp shop and by his early 20s was travelling overseas to value collections and offer advice. He currently collects the stamps of El Salvador and in the past has formed several unlikely specialised collections including one of Scottish paper money. He also collects unusual philatelic items and is the owner of the world’s largest commercially mailed cover which hangs in his home. Vincent is extremely proud to be the Chairman of one of the world’s leading stamp firms, helping people enjoy the best hobby in the world for over 45 years.