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We love United States stamps and postal history. We sell collections and individual items. The world's greatest economy is still a young country and its dynamic history is illustrated through its stamps. Today it's difficult to image the country it used to be with rural Post Offices, handling just a handful of letters each year, the Civil War, the Pony Express, the expansion of the air postal services and beyond. 

Famous United States Stamps

Boasting some of the world's most famous stamps from the 'Inverted Jenny' and 'Z-grill' and some of the greatest collectors from Colonel 'Ned' Green and Bill Gross, we see the infinite attraction of US stamps. The first imperf issues with limits placed not just on weight, but on mileage too. The fascinating so-called 'Banknote' issues with different printers, inks, security features, postal markings and little regard for centring, additionally the 1869 bicolours which fell foul of public opinion perhaps manipulated by the printers regretting the expensive process.

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