The Stamps and Postal History of Southern Rhodesia

Granted self-governing status on 1 October 1923 this southern part of the territory previously administered by British South Africa Company (see our ‘Rhodesia’ listings) used their stamps for a few months following the first issue. Southern Rhodesia’s first stamps were issued on 1 April 1924 and were copies of the Rhodesian small ‘Admiral’ definitive but inscribed “Southern Rhodesia”. The rarest stamps of Southern Rhodesia come from this issue and are ‘imperf between’ pairs of several different values to 6d. A second King George V design was issued in 1931, a uniquely designed series the 5s top value is known printed on the gummed side, it is rare and a highly unusual amongst British Empire printing errors of that period. Beautiful pictorials- only policy began with the 1932 Victoria Falls set and continued through to the last definitive set of 1964 when Southern Rhodesia was renamed Rhodesia, and later still Zimbabwe.

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