The Stamps and Postal History of Luxembourg

A territory bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. At various times it has been controlled by Germany, France, Austria, Spain and Holland with early postal services controlled by the Counts of Thurn and Taxis, or as part of the French postal service. Later Dutch-style postal markings were used as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was awarded to Holland. Luxembourg’s first stamps were issued on 15 September 1852. The 10 centimes in Belgian currency and 1 silver groschen in Prussian currency. However, Prussian influence waned and later issues were only in Belgian currency. During the First World War Luxembourg was overrun by the Germans and occupied. Stamps of Luxembourg were used throughout this period, though German troops garrisoned there used their own Field Post Offices.

Invaded by Germany in May 1940 German stamps were issued and overprinted for use in Luxembourg on 1 October 1940 and the stamps of Luxembourg were overprinted in German currency in December 1940. German stamps were then used from January 1942 until liberation in 1944. Stamps of Luxembourg were then re-issued in Belgian currency on 6 November 1944. We recommend the stamp listings in the Stanley Gibbons “Belgium and Luxembourg” catalogue, also the Michel “West – Europa” volume 6 catalogue.

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