The Stamps and Postal History of Liechtenstein

A Principality in Western Europe between Austria and Switzerland. The first stamps to be used within Liechtenstein were the Austrian stamps issued on 1 June 1850. Collectors eagerly seek out Austrian stamps postmarked at the increasing number of Liechtenstein Post Offices which opened over the 19th Century. The first purely Liechtenstein stamps were issued on 1 February 1912 in designs and values stipulated by the Austrian government and showing a similar styling to existing Austrian adhesives. The values and colours used for the first three stamps were those guided by the UPU (5 heller, green; 10 heller, red; 25 heller, blue).

With the collapse of the Habsburg Empire in 1918, the principality took over its own postal affairs. Austrian stamps became officially invalid on 1 March 1920. From July 1920 the principality began to issue its own adhesives regularly and this has continued ever since. We recommend the stamp listings in the Stanley Gibbons Part 8 catalogue, as well as the Michel “Mitteleuropa” volume 1 catalogue.

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Liechtenstein Stamps