The Stamps and Postal History of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika (KUT)

KUT Stamps - Although the postal administrations of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika were amalgamated in 1933, and the stamps bearing those names together did not appear until 1935, this general heading tends to capture for many stamp collectors the issues of British East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorate, Kenya and Uganda, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika, Kenya Uganda and Tanzania and so on. 

The most famous and rare KUT stamps are the spectacular 1925 £100 red and black, the top value of the truly wonderful 1922-27 series with its bi-coloured £1 to £100 stamps. The entire mint set catalogues over £450,000, The Royal collection contains this complete set in corner blocks of four with plate numbers!

Another favourite amongst collectors is the 1938-54 Pictorial issue of King George VI with its beautiful designs including mountains, lakes, dhows and lions and its many damaged and retouched plate flaws, watermark varieties, and different printings, especially during wartime which created many distinct shades and a range of different perforations to make this issue a philatelists favourite. Stanley Gibbons lists over 70 possible stamps from a basic set of 20! The postmarks and postal history of this entire area are also popular with philatelists who hunt down as many different cancellations and postal cachets as possible.

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KUT Stamps