History of Iceland Stamps

Iceland Stamps - Danish stamps were made available for use in Iceland in 1873 and identified by their numeral postmarks “236” and “237” allocated to Reykjavik and Seydisfjordur. In 1776 a postal system had been established in Iceland by royal decree. An annual mail-boat service between Reykjavik and Copenhagen was introduced two years later and gradually this service was extended.

Almost a century later in 1875, Iceland joined the UPU as a Danish possession. This was followed in 1876 by a new currency for Iceland alone. In 1918 Iceland became an independent constitutional monarchy under the Danish crown.

The first airmail from the island began in 1928. This was the easiest means of transporting mail internally and many small and local services were inaugurated. Iceland was declared an independent republic in May 1944, following a plebiscite. It has remained thus ever since and has maintained close links with Western Europe. Iceland stamps are magnificent and often depict Iceland’s exceptional terrain and deep links with the ocean. We recommend the excellent stamp listings in the Stanley Gibbons Part 11 “Scandinavia” catalogue and the FACIT “Frimarkskatalog Special” which is specialised and bilingual including English.

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Iceland Stamps