Postal History of Dominica Stamps

Dominica stamps – Initially Great British stamps were used in Dominica, from 1858, cancelled with the obliteration "A07". Later, colonial officials took charge of the posts and in May 1874, subsequently, the first were issued, with a set consisting of 1d, 6d, and 1s values. The design was a profile of Queen Victoria in an oval frame with "DOMINICA POSTAGE" in the band of the frame. The same design continued in use, with additional values and changes of colour and watermark, including a 1s magenta in 1890. Provisional issues included a ½d surcharge on bisected stamps in 1882-83 and surcharges in 1886.

The issue for the Leeward Islands superseded Dominica stamps in October 1890, however concurrent Dominican issues resumed in 1903, and this continued through to December 1939.

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Dominica Stamps