History of Colombia Stamps

The first Colombia stamps were issued in August 1859 for the Grenadine Confederation, 5 different values with two colours of the 5c give stamp collectors a basic set of 6 stamps, They were issued with gum, collectors of used stamps can find examples cancelled by the oval “Bogota” and other postmarks plus a wide range of pen cancels. 1860 saw 3 slightly different stamp designs. The following year in 1861 saw stamps issued by anti-clerical ‘Democrats’ who captured Bogota and proclaimed the United States of New Grenada and in 1862 another imperforate set for the entire United States of Colombia was issued then thankfully stamp-issuing policy settled down somewhat!

Unusually Colombia stamps remained imperf 1883 and inscriptions changed when the country was renamed the Republic of Colombia in 1886. Upheaval once again in 1899 with a vicious civil war, provisional local stamps for Barranquilla, Bogota, Cartagena, Cucuta and Tumaco were created with National issues only recommencing in 1904.

The first Air Post Columbia stamps were issued for an experimental first flight on 18 June 1919, specialised philatelists recognised 10 different settings of this overprint. The most famous Air stamps, perhaps in the entirety of world aero philately are the incredible 1920 multi-coloured Curtis advertising labels overprinted and surcharged for use as stamps. Another popular area is the SCADTA stamps, a private air company with a monopoly for carrying mail within Colombia they issued stamps overprinted for sale at Colombian Consulates across the world to attract foreign mail.

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Colombia Stamps