Rare Australia Stamps and Postal History

Australian stamps and postal history have two identifiable periods. The first covered the ‘Australian States’ and the latter, from 1913 when the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia stamps were inscribed ‘Australia’. A kangaroo was incorporated into the design of the first Australian stamps, in order to demonstrate this new level of independence. The story of the ‘Kangaroo and Map’ is as fascinating. Politically motivated intrigue accompanied the design contest, as the first British Empire postage stamps not to show a profile of a reigning British monarch.

King George V's “Heads” were introduced later in 1913, placating those critical of the absence of a British monarch. They are amongst the most carefully studied stamps in the world philately, having a wide array of colours, watermarks and flaws. The stamp issues include the rare Australia stamps and tete-beche pair of the 1930 2d golden scarlet.

Definitive and Commemorative Australia Stamps

Significant definitive and commemorative Australia stamps include the original and later “Laughing Kookaburra” issues. The 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge set of three included one disproportionately high value 5/- stamp (the average weekly wage being £9). In addition to the ‘modern classic’ 1950 8½d Aborigine “One Pound Jimmy”. Australia was also at the forefront of the first airmail flights. Covers from the 1920s and early 1930s are keenly collected.

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