Barbuda and Antigua Stamps and Postal History

Antigua and Barbuda Stamps – From 1858–1862 Great Britain stamps were made available for use in Antigua. Letters from St John’s were postmarked “A02” and those from English Harbour with “A18”. The first order was a 6d denomination, (then the letter rate from Antigua to Great Britain). The first consignment was sent out on 1st July 1862, by British printers, Perkins Bacon & Co, and issued in August 1862. Additionally, a further one-penny stamp was issued in 1863. The design of these was based on a drawing of Queen Victoria’s head by EH Corbould. A 2½d and a 4d stamp, with a new design known as the "Key Plate", were issued in 1879, a ½d stamp was issued in 1882, a 2½d stamp in a changed colour and a one shilling value were issued in 1884. They were all using the generic "Key Plate" design.

Philatelic postscript - British stamps were used until 1862 when the local authorities began production of Antigua and Barbuda stamps.  
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