History of Andorra Stamps

Andorra Stamps - Andorra, a small province in the Pyrenees which in 1278 was placed under the joint protection of the Spanish Bishop of Urgel and the French Count of Foix. As a result, Andorra had two overlords and today still plays a nominal tribute to the Bishop and to the French President. Andorra has carefully remained aloof from all the troubles of the succeeding centuries. The first Andorra stamps used were those of early Italy or France and can be identified by their postmarks. Spanish stamps overprinted for use solely in Andorra were issued in 1928 and French stamps similarly overprinted in 1931.

Both Spanish and French currencies were in use for external mail, uniquely there is no charge for internal mail sent within the province and both administrations now use the Euro currency. It is usual for collectors to collect the stamps of either French or Spanish Andorra, the different styles of design appealing to philatelists from those two larger countries. We can recommend a number of different catalogues for this area and would suggest the publications of Stanley Gibbons, Michel, Edifil (for the Spanish) and Yvert & Tellier (for the French) be your first choices.

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Andorra Stamps