Are you are thinking about selling your complete stamp collection or even some of your stamps? If so it’s best you deal with stamp experts who can help get the best prices for your stamps.


Please book an appointment after 2nd December when the current restrictions are hopefully lifted. We’ll give you a receipt and take in your stamps whilst wearing mask and gloves and maintaining strict distancing. We’ll get back to you quickly with your stamp valuation.

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Whether you have been building your philatelic collection for years with care and dedication or recently inherited a stamp album from a beloved relative or dear friend; we make competitive offers to purchase all types of good quality stamp collection, accumulations and single rarity.



If you decide you want to sell all or even some of your stamps and want to achieve the highest possible sales value, then we can help.

We can purchase your stamps directly from you at an agreed price, giving you money immediately. Alternatively, if your stamps are potentially of high enough commercial value we can sell your stamps in one of our public auctions. We will advertise and promote your stamps to our worldwide audience of stamp collectors.

Contact us now to discuss the potential sale of your stamp collection.


TO GET OUR BEST OFFER we need to see your collection!

As a first step, it is best to email us a few images of your stamps today. It is best to simply take 5-6 photographs of your stamps sending all images in one email to Remember to include your name and where you are located in the world. If you would like us to phone you remember to include a contact number. We will then give you our initial feedback and recommend next steps

Sandafayre is unable to make binding offers from photographs alone. It is often the detailed condition of stamps which makes a huge difference in the value of your stamps.

Alternatively you can send your collection to our office and we will endeavour to make you a confirmed offer for your stamps within 10 days of receipt. We recommend sending your stamp collection to us through Parcelforce in the UK or a recognised international carrier such as DHL, FedEx or UPS with tracking. If sending from outside the UK, there may be import taxes which you will be required to pay. For advice on shipping please get in touch.

If you are local to North West England you can bring your stamps to our office in Knutsford Cheshire for appraisal. It is always best to call ahead or make an appointment to ensure someone is available to appraise your stamp collection. Contact us today to make the arrangements. We might need you to leave your stamp collection with us for a few days so we can examine everything in detail and respond with our best offer.



We are one of the world’s leading philatelic auctioneers and specialist dealers, established for over 40 years. Sandafayre has the expertise and professionalism to undertake the most thorough and knowledgeable appraisal of your stamp collection.

We get results! Our experts know how best to describe, photograph and display your stamps to generate high levels of interest from our worldwide client base. Have a look at some of the customer testimonials opposite and you’ll see how Sandafayre is trusted by stamp collectors around the world.

We are approachable experts. Our team is open and straightforward to deal with; and are honest professionals who will care for your stamps just as much as you do.

We pay you quickly. Once we agree the purchase price we pay you within days.

Sandafayre handles everything philately-related. From medal-winning exhibition collections and worldwide rarities to general stamp inheritances we can help sell everything philatelic from a complete collection which fills a room to a single rare stamp.

You can entrust our stamp experts to provide you with a straightforward, honest and confidential response to your enquiry. So if you want to find out if there is a potential market for your stamps please email us with a few pictures and a brief description of what you have to

You will be able to rely on our response which you will receive promptly.

Contact us today to start a conversation about selling your stamps.



Our exciting Cheshire Stamp Auctions are held every 3 months in the UK.

We encourage you to attend the stamp auction in person so you can experience the thrill of the auction for yourself. In addition our public stamp auctions are broadcast live on the internet through and on our own website consequently reaching our large client base of stamp collectors across the world. As a result bids for your stamps can arrive from within the auction room as well as from all corners of the globe.

If you sell through our public auctions we do our best to make the process simple, safe and enjoyable.

So whether you have stamp accumulations, stamp albums, complete stamp collections or single rare stamps you are thinking of selling, contact us on +44 (0)1565 653214 or email to start the conversation with our team of stamp experts.

We look forward to helping you sell.


What our customers say


"I must say, I have been more than pleased with the results"

Mrs D, USA. 28th November 2020


"The money arrived in our account this morning. We would like to say a sincere thank you for the timeous and professional way Sandafayre handled the whole process"

Mr & Mrs M, UK. 17th Novenmber 2020


"Sandafayre is an extremely professional and dedicated auction house. You provide extremely high quality items. I always enjoy bidding with you"

Mr E. UK 9th September 2020


 "That seems a very good result, I’m certainly pleased."

Mr W. UK. 19th June 2020


"Excellent result .Thank you to your team"

Mr G. UK. 19th June 2020


"I can do this [bid online] because your descriptions are always accurate."

Mr P, Canada. 18th June 2020.


"This has been outstanding service! Thank you very much"

Mr P, Greece 13th May 2020


"OK You guys rock!!!! I will have to buy some more now!!!"

Mr A, USA - 1st May 2020


“Thank you so much! Wonderful service, much appreciated!”

Mrs K, UK – 12th March 2020


“Just to say I watched the auction on Saturday… great job… really enjoyed it… was really pleased with the lots that were sold. Just a big thanks… the total sale looked great also, so thanks again.”

Mr N, UK – 16th December 2019


“Many thanks for all the effort you have put in for the sale of our stamps. We watched it online. You certainly had to work hard for it… Great result.”

Mr & Mrs T, UK – 16th December 2019


“The 1911 stamp arrived today in excellent condition. It will be a fine addition to my Collection. I would also like to thank you for a very quick delivery.”

Mr A, Norway – 12th December 2019


“I received my latest lot and I want to tell Sandafayre how pleased I was. The stamps were SUPERB and will be a highlight to the India section of my Geo VI collection.”

Mr BM, USA – 26th November 2019


“Thank you for your prompt attention and kindness. The service we have received from Sandafayre, both in dealing/selling my stamps and answering our queries has been beyond measure, excellent, and we thank you.”

Mr & Mrs WP, UK – 17th October 2019


If memory serves I’ve written you regarding this lot before when previously listed – and received, to my surprise, a personal email from your chairman. Thanks for your note, I do appreciate the time and attention it takes to respond.”

Mr R, USA – 30th September 2019


“My stamps sold virtually for the estimate you gave me when we brought them to you for valuation and auction, so thank you very much for your expertise and honesty.”

Mr WP, UK – 14th September 2019


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What our customers say


"Thank you so much for your prompt reply as other people were also contacted but did not reply. Also thank you for your advice"

Mr B, India. 16th November


"The payment has arrived in my account. Many thanks for your swift and professional service."

Mr E, UK. 7th October  


"Thanks again for your great service!"

Mr H. UK. 14th September


"I now understand that it is so much simpler that I thought! The lot arrived this morning and I'm very pleased with it. Looking forward to buying from you again"

Mr S. UK, 7th September


"May I  just say how much I appreciate your help and rapid response. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues and contacts."

Mr W. UK 8th June


"This is the best help I’ve ever experienced."

Mr M. UK 24th April


"Thank you. I should also mention that (the auction lot) exceeded my expectations!"

Mr S. USA 10th April


"I think Sandafayre are great!"

Mr G. USA - 6th April, 2020


"Thank you for all your hard work."

Mr M. UK 5th April, 2020


"Thank you for the efficient way that Cheshire Stamp Auctions have handled these stamps."

Mr D. UK 4th April, 2020


“To all the team at Sandafayre, huge thanks for your help to me as a personal visitor to the auction… you were fantastic”

Mr S, UK – 24th March 2020


“…started buying from you recently, I think the service is superb”.

Mr B, UK – 24th March 2020


“The Saturday Auction was the first time I had used your auction. Can I congratulate your team and especially the auctioneer… my thanks for all your efforts”

Mr S, UK – 22nd March 2020


“Thank you – I will be certain to recommend you to anyone else in the same situation.”

Ms L, UK – 9th March 2020


“…First time I have used Sandafayre – wonderful.”

Mr S, UK – 27th February 2020


“I like Sandafayre so much because you give me the auction results straight away and I receive my lots quickly”

Mr I, UK – 12th February 2020


“Arrived Today! Beautiful stamp... worth the wait. Cheers!”

Mr W, Australia – 30th January 2020


“Item received, very pleased.”

Mr S, UK – 3rd January 2020


Many thanks for selling the collection.

Mr L, Ireland – 2nd January 2020 


“Watched the auction live and really enjoyed it.”

Mr N, UK – 31st December 2019


“We are very happy with the result.”

 Mr & Mrs T, UK – 30th December 2019


“I’m very pleased; your firm is one to recommend.”

Mr W, UK – 19th December 2019


“Very well organised Public Auction.”

Mr P, UK – 18th December 2019


“I did enjoy my first auction attendance. Thank you for a delightful couple of days… you all made me very welcome and I thank you for that.”

Mr G, UK – 16th December 2019


“Thank you. You folks do a great job.”

Mr D, USA – 4th December 2019


“Thank you for your great auction.”

Mr E, Canada – 4th December 2019


“I have to reiterate the fact that I was very impressed the way you operated.”

Mr D, UK – 10th October 2019


“You are efficient and very nice people. Thank you Sandafayre.”

Mr N, UK – 9th October 2019


“I don’t know where you get these collections from, they are excellent.”

Mr N, UK – 9th October 2019


“...What a prompt response, I thank you!”

Mr B, Australia – 7th October 2019


“What an incredible result, we are delighted.”

Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019 


“We could never have expected that they would have such an impressive value.”

 Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019 


“We have been very happy with your service; in terms of efficiency, honesty and of course success rate.”

 Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019 


“I was immediately impressed by your friendly, frank and honest approach. Personal touches always make a difference.”

Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019


“I think your auctions are excellent and something I've wanted to see happen for years...”

Mrs C, UK – 19th September 2019


“My husband is pleased with the outcome of the auction and, having 'tested the water', wishes to sell more of his collection.”

Mrs W, UK – 14th September 2019