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Rare German Colonies Stamps

Below are some rare German Colonies stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare German Colonies stamps ever sold!

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1905 $2½ perf 26:17 without wmk.1905 $2½ green & red perf 26 x 17 holes.1897 3pf yellow brown.
1915 10pf red VAR 'OVERPRINT INVERTED'.1900 25pf orange VAR 'OVERPRINT INVERTED'.1914 2mk blue VAR 'INVERTED OVERPRINT'.
1900 China, 10pf 'China' handstamp.1900 China, 30pf red orange and black 'China' handstamp.1900 China, 40pfg carmine and red 'CHINA' handstamp.
1900 China, 80pfg 'CHINA' handstamp.1900 30pfg 'CHINA' handstamp.1900 50pfg 'CHINA' handstamp.
1898 Marshall Islands, 3pf ochre JALUIT printing.1898 Marshall Islands, 25pf & 50pf JALUIT PRINTING in gulter blocks.1910 Caroline Islands, 20pf bi-sect PONAPE PROVISIONAL.
1910 Caroline Islands. 5pf on 3pf PONAPE PROVISIONAL.1910 Caroline Islands, 5pf on 3pf PONAPE PROVISIONAL VAR 'INVERTED SURCH'.1900 WATERMARKED 5MK 'YACHT'.
1905 $2½ Kiautscholl NO WATERMARK 5Mk 'YACHT'.1899 Marian Islands DIAGONAL OVPT SET.1900 5MK 'YACHT' with WATERMARK.
1899 Marian Islands, 25pf diagonal overprint.1899 Marian Islands, 50pfg diagonal overprint.1899 Marian Islands, 50pf diagonal overprint.
1899 Caroline Islands, 25pf orange diagonal overprint.1895 Marian Islands, 10cts of Philippines cancelled s/l Marianas.1898 Marian Islands, Philippines 6c & 3c used on piece with Admin Pagad de Islas Marianas cancel.
1899 Mariana Islands, handstamped overprint in blocks of 4.1910 Caroline Is, 5pfg 'Ponape Provisional' variety 'handstamp surcharge inverted'.1916 East Africa, 1 rupee for use at WUGA.
1914 Marshall Is, 'G.R.I. Is' on 1mk double overprint.1897 Marshall Is, 3pfg yellow brown, flat gum.1899 Marianos, 50pfg.
1884 Turkey, 2½ piastres on 50pfg dark olive green, interpanneau pair.1916 East Africa, Unissued 1 rupee 'Wuga' imperforate.1913 Kameron, 5mk greenish black and red.
1897-99 Marshall Is, Jaluit printing, 3pf reddish ochre.1899 Caroline Is, 25pf orange.1879 Caroline Is, 50pf lilac-brown.
1899 Mariana Is, 50pf lilac-brown.1899 Mariana Is, 3pf yellow brown.1914 Togo - British Occupation, 20pf, variety TOG.
1915 Togo - French Occupation, 10pf Lome Mission printing, variety inverted.1915 Togo - British Occupation, 3pf Sansane-Mangu printing.1914 Togo, 2mk wide setting, variety overprint inverted.
1914 New Guinea, 3d on 30pf, variety double overprint both inverted.1914 New Guinea, 5s on 5 mark, yacht.1914 Marshall Is - British Occupation, 3d on 25pf, variety double surcharge.
1914 Marshall Is - British Occupation, 1d on 5pf, variety double surcharge.1914 Marshall Is, 2s on 2mk.1914 Marshall Is, 5s on 5mk.
1899 Mariana Is, 25pf reddish orange.1915 Mafia Is, Zanzibar 6c overprinted O.H.B.M.S/MAFIA.1918 Kiautschou, 2sn and 5sn BANDO POW Camp labels.
1911 Cameroons, Longji 20pf, provisional bisect.
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