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The Stamps and Postal History of Nigeria and its constituants

On 1 January 1914 the protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria were formed to create Nigeria. Nigeria’s first stamps were issued on 1 June 1914 and continued until 1932 with many changes in watermark, colours and shades, coloured papers, in addition 4 different types of the £1 top value identified by specialised stamp collectors. The rarest Nigeria stamps are the sideways and inverted watermark errors found on several values of the 1938-51 definitive issue. Of similar rarity but lesser value are the inverted watermarks found on the 2d, 5s & £1 values of the 1961 pictorials issue. Postmarks and covers of Nigeria are also very popular and a large number of collectors enjoy this area of Nigerian philately. We recommend “The Postal History of Nigeria” by Edward B Proud, as always Stanley gibbons catalogues provide the best listings of Nigerian stamps.

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