new brunswick Stamps

The Stamps and Postal History of New Brunswick

Previously a part of Nova Scotia the colony of New Brunswick issued its first stamps on 5 September 1851. The imperforate ‘Royal Crown and Heraldic Flowers of the United Kingdom’ design was issued in 3 different values, the 3d in shades of red, the 6d in shades of yellow and the 1s in shades of mauve. As normal for the earliest stamps printed by Perkins Bacon the paper is blued.

The most famous, or rather infamous stamp was issued as part of the 1860-63 Pictorials series, a 5c brown depicting the portrait of Charles Connell caused a scandal. Connell had been appointed Postmaster of the Colony in 1859, shortly after his appointment he had decided that the colony should switch from pounds, shillings and pence, to dollars and cents to better align with the United States.

A contract was agreed with the American Bank Note Co of NY and the new stamps arrived… and shocked Post Office officials found themselves gazing at the new 5c value depicting not a member of the Royal family but instead their boss Charles Connell! A new stamp depicting the Queen was swiftly ordered; a shamed Connell purchased his 5c stamps and burnt them, keeping just a few as souvenirs.

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