Lot 5011 (Hunters #7344)

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GENERAL SECTION - BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - AFRICA 1850's - 1980's. An attractive mint & used collection presented in a large 'Minkus' album on printed pages that includes many complete sets from KE7 to QEII. Note BASUTOLAND KGV set to 1s mint & jubilee set mint, KGVI 1938 set mint & most Omnibus sets mint, BECHUANALAND QV mint range to 10s, KEVII 1904 set mint, KGV range to 1s mint, QEII mint range to 1r on 10s, COGH with a selection of 'Triangulars' inc most values to 1s with 3 margins, 'Hope' seated ranges to various Wmk 1s, KE7 range to 5s, MAFEKING 1d on ½d, GAMBIA QV embossed mint to 1s, 1921-22 KGV  to 5s mint, all KGVI omnibus sets mint, GOLD COAST QV to 10s used fiscal cancel, KGVI 1938 set & all omnibus sets mint, QEII 1953 set mint, KUT KGV mint to 1s, KGVI used to 5s, QEII mint to various £1/20s inc Officials, NATAL, OIL RIVERS, NIGER COAST, NIGERIA KGV to 1s mint & used, KGVI to 5s mint & used, QEII set to £1's, N.Rhodesia 1953 set mint, NYASALAND 1891 set of values mint to 2s, KGVI 1945 set used, QEII 1953 set, OFS ranges to various 1s mint & used, RHODESIA 'Arms' to 5s used, 'Double-Heads' to a used 5d & mint 6d, Rhod/Nyas 1959 set used, SIERRA LEONE 1954 set mint, 1961 set mint, SOMALILAND 1953 Pictorial set mint, S/Rhod commemorative sets mint, SWA, UGANDA, Union of SOUTH AFRICA KGV to 10s used, 1920's pictorials to 2s6d used, 1930's Pictorials to 2s6d pair mint, War Effort sets mint & used, ZULULAND to 9d & 1s used, SUDAN 'Arab Postman' to 10pi mint & 50pi used, SWAZILAND 1954 set mint, TANGIER QEII mint complete, TRANSVAAL and much much more. An extensive collection with much of interest.(2500+ stamps & 9 m/s)

Est. £700 - £800

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