How our public STAMP AUCTIONs Work


We hold Cheshire Stamp Auctions - a Public Auction of stamps and other collectables several times each year. We print a catalogue and also show the same lots on this site.


Lots are available for viewing by appointment at our offices during the public viewing period (usually 2 days) held prior to the auction.


Each lot is sold with a 20% Buyers Premium which is inclusive of an amount in lieu of VAT. Please note that this is slightly higher than the buyers premium in our Mail Bid Sales. 


Unlike in our Mail Bid Sales the collection, accumulation & multi-item lots are NOT satisfaction guaranteed and cannot be rejected by the purchaser. Any lot described or otherwise listed as a collection, or stated to contain a collection, or containing items which are not described cannot be rejected by the purchaser and is taken by that purchaser with all (if any) faults, lack of genuineness and errors of description and number of items in the lot. It is your responsibility to make any enquires which we will make reasonable efforts to answer accurately and to view the lots prior to the auction should you deem it necessary. See the Public Auction T&Cs


Our Public Auctions are held at Cottons Hotel & Spa which is close to our offices in Knutsford, Cheshire. An auctioneer conducts the auction and you can:

-participate in person (refreshments provided, please collect a paddle number before you bid!)

-participate by giving your bids to us to execute on your behalf by bidding on our website no later than 30 minutes before the auction begins or by emailing, faxing or telephoning the office before the auction begins.

-participate by bidding ‘live’ during the auction by using OUR online platform which becomes available 30 minutes before the auction begins (at that point you can't make bids through the site any more) as long as you are registered with us and logged in - simply go to "My Account" at the top of any screen to register (WE DO NOT CHARGE AN ADDITIONAL FEE IF YOU BID USING THIS SERVICES)

-participate by bidding 'live' during the auction through who will charge a fee (currently 5.9%)


The lots are sold at one bid-step above the next highest bidder, or at the reserve price.


Unlike our Mail Bid Sales we cannot manage your total expenditure and if you have complex instructions and cannot attend or bid 'live' on the Internet then we suggest you engage an agent to bid on your behalf, please contact the office for details of Auction Agents we expect to be in attendence.


Lots will not be released before payment. We have a very good shipping department which can despatch your lots; invoices will include a shipping charge.


If you have authorised us to charge your credit card number we will despatch your lots within 72 hours of the sale close time, otherwise we will send & email your invoice which must be settled immediately (see our Public Auction T&Cs.)


You can withdraw any bids which you have given to us to execute on your behalf at any time prior to the start of the auction. Our staff are busy during the auction and we cannot guarantee to act on instructions emailed to us less than 15 minutes before the beginning of the auction or during the auction nor can we guarantee to be available to answer telephone messages during the auction.


We settle our vendor accounts 4 weeks after the auction. Late accounts are charged at 5% of the outstanding amount and 2% per month thereafter. We take paying our vendors seriously and will enforce this.


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