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13/10/2021 Sandafayre

Bermuda – A Treasure Trove for the Variety Hunter stamp

Bermuda – A Treasure Trove for the Variety Hunter

When flicking through the Stanley Gibbons catalogue, few countries have as many watermark varieties as those known to exist on the issues of Bermuda. Quite unusual, in that De La Rue was a very competent printer, and over the years not too much slipped through their quality control net, but as far as watermarks are concerned, examples of inverted, reversed, and inverted and reversed can be found on most of the stamp designs commencing in 1865 with the first Queen Victoria portrait issue, right through to the 1922-34 Ship issues. They range from scarce to very rare, and some can command heavy competition and high prices, and most certainly worth a careful look in your album !!