14/10/2021 Sandafayre

Astronaut Autographed Space Covers

Astronaut Autographed Space Covers

In past sales we have sold many items from the magnificent SPACE collection formed by the author Maurice Allward. Many of his Astronaut Autographed covers were obtained as a result of a long association and correspondence with NASA (plus some letters to Russia).

Over a period of time, he sent several copies of his book Aircraft Seventy One (about the Spitfire) to various people at NASA, along with covers with requests for signatures. These requests were generally successful, and responses included a handwritten note from Michael Collins ('Apollo 11' astronaut), stating that the Spitfire looked better than the Command Module.

Maurice Allward also visited Cape Canaveral in 1972 and personally obtained further autographed items. This is a most impressive collection!