Lot 1797 (Express #6316, 19th January 2021)

BRITISH GUIANA - 1853-76 EARLY "SHIP TYPES" COLLECTION A mostly used collection displayed and identified by SG numbers on old album pages, mostly all different, and which includes 1853-55 4c blue imperf (this with three margins, just brushing on the fourth), 1860-63 (thick paper, perf 12) 1c, 2c both shades, 4c, 8c both shades, 12c both shades, and 24c, 1861 1c reddish-brown, 1862-65 (thin paper, perf 12) 1c black (mint), 2c, and 12c all three shades, (thin paper, perf 12½-13) set of all six values to 24c, plus (medium paper, perf 12½-13) 1c, 2c both shades, 4c both shades, 12c, and 24c (plus an additional 1c and 2c mint), 1863-76 (medium paper, perf 12½-13) 1c, 2c both shades, 6c, 8c, 12c both shades, 24c all five shades/perfs, plus 48c two shades, (perf 10) 1c both shades, 2c both shades, 4c all three shades, 6c two shades, 8c, 12c all four shades, 24c all three shades, and 48c both shades, plus (perf 15) 1c, 2c both shades, 4c, 8c, 12c, and 24c both shades, plus a 48c imperf proof (used) and an additional 1c mint. A very good representation of these issues, cat £4400+ (74 stamps)

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Auction: Express #6316, 19th January 2021

Highlights from our 6316 auction include:

  • Stamps of Bahamas: Whilst the snow and rain fall in the UK we can at least collect the stamps of the Bahamas! We have an excellent offering of single stamps, sets and collection specifically of Bahama stamps.
  • Croatia Stamps - Officials & Postage Dues: An outstanding array of stamps with errors and varieties, your opportunity to create a unique collection of these historic WWII issues.
  • South Africa Postage Due & Official Stamps: A fascinating area, the South African 'back of the book' area with expertly described varieties, scarce blocks plus much else.
  • Tobago Stamps: The tiny Island which even today only boasts around 60,000 inhabitants issued some great 19th Century stamps, many elusive and many in our current sale!
  • United Nations Plate Proofs: We are offering a series of imperforate plate proofs in pairs, these sets are rarely encountered and include many of the famous early New York issues but opportunities for both UN and topical collectors to obtain sometime special.
  • Belgian Congo: Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness and King Leopolds private property, atmospheric, beautiful stamps. Some great stamps and collections in our current sale.

Plus thousands of smaller singles/sets (great for buyers seeking to fill gaps in their collections or find that elusive single stamp!). Hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots etc.

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