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Cover image of lot 5001

Lot 5001 (#5347)

Est. £4,000 - £4,500

GENERAL SECTION - FANTASTIC ESTATE CLEAR OUT of MAGICAL RANGES from A to Z covering most parts of the WORLD, EUROPE and BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, an accumulation of early classics to modern issues in albums (some tatty), stock books, on loose pages, stock cards, stock pages including some covers, postal stationary and loose in packets packed in a large heavy box, strength seen in Australia 1913 to 1980's incl Kangaroos, KGV Heads & O.S. perfins/opts, Canada 1859 to 1992 extensive used collection with mint plus Military/Navel PO cancels (+/-70 diff Pmks), Great Britain 1850's to 2000 mainly used, Hong Kong QV incl extensive EDVII to KGVI duplicated (Pmk interest here) and QEII mainly used, New Zealand 1906 to 1971 incl 1931 Smiling boys, QEII Definitive sets mint, then better selections from Argentina 1860 to 1979 incl a Tierra Del Fuego 1891 10c red local issue 1912 reprint half sheet NHM and 1933-39 Ministry/Official covers (+/- 110) some registered, Bahamas incl strong KGVI & QEII used, Bahrain, Bermuda, Belgium, Burma incl revenue documents (x13), Denmark, Dominica QV used, Falkland Islands + Dependencies, Finland, France + Colonies, Gambia, Germany + States, Allied Zones and Colonies, Iceland incl 1873 2s ultra Sc 1 unused ($1050), India + States incl Chamba 1938 - 1947 mint (toned these cat £2000+), Lagos, Luxembourg, Malaysia + States, Malta, Manchukuo, M.E.F., Mauritius incl 1857-59 1d red SG 23 used (thin cat £800), Morocco Agencies incl Tangier, Netherlands, New Brunswick incl 1851-60 3d bright red SG 1 used (thin £500), Nova Scotia incl 1851-60 1d, 3d (x2) plus a 6d deep green SG 6 used (faults, these four cat £2615) and a 1860-63 5d blue SG 24 unused (£550), Portugal, Persia, Pitcairn Islands, Rhodesia, Siam/Thailand, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Sweden, Transvaal, Turkey plus so much more. A massive CV with some mixed condition especially with the earlier issues and mainly light duplication for this wonderful well recommended selection that will reward. Enjoy. (+/- 20000,Qty other items)
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