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Lot No Country/Section Decription  Low Estimate (Excluding Buyer's Premiun)   Reserve Price (20% Buyer's Premium will be added) 
4 FEATURED LOT LATIN AMERICA 1994-2016 AUCTION CATALOGUES, all different, mostly Corinphila 2013-14 auctions, fine condition. (12 catalogues)                   15.00                     11.00
35 GENERAL SECTION  SCANDINAVIA COLLECTION in six Scott printed albums, with mint and used issues up to the 1990's; with Denmark from early imperfs and following numerals mostly used with good completion and modest duplication, mix */o throughout, back-of-the-book mostly used, etc., some D.W.I. and later mint Faroes, Finland sparse faulty early with useful later mint, some Greenland, Iceland starting with some good first and second issue mint values with sparse later numerals, some good King definitives including 1920-22 issues complete with mint 1kr & 2kr mint high values, later with 1930 Millenary complete mint (regular & airmail), 1931 Zepp set, etc., Norway with complete issues 1855-78 mostly used with good later completion, similar back-of-the-book, and Sweden with strong completion from 1858 mostly used in early issues, with more mint in later, useful back-of-the-book with near complete dues, etc. (Qty)             2,200.00               1,750.00
58 GENERAL SECTION  WORLD IN SEVEN BINDERS with much Commonwealth, Foreign incl. China etc, careful viewing recommended. (Qty)                450.00                   350.00
92 GENERAL SECTION  WORLD CARTON with an album of Canada booklets (approx 180 from KGVI onwards), Great Britain 1924-69 used collection in an album incl. better Phosphor sets etc; ranges of mint or never hinged mint or used Faroe Is, Berlin, Switzerland, and other Europe on stockcards, further GB on cards incl. pre decimal Machins with specialists gums, papers etc identified, Wildings, Benham small silk covers 1984-91 (approx 70 sets) etc. (Qty)                200.00                   150.00
104 GENERAL SECTION  BRITISH EMPIRE IN A "NEW IDEAL" ALBUM with mainly used issues. (Qty)                150.00                   110.00
109 GENERAL SECTION  FOREIGN COUNTRIES two large binders of A-Z countries, reasonable China, Japan etc. (Qty)                150.00                   110.00
119 GENERAL SECTION  ECLECTIC WORLD CARTON with R.A.F. Museum, Escaping and Marshalls (signed) series covers, Luxembourg used collection on leaves, GB Postbus cards mint and used, New Zealand booklets and presentation packs ranges, Isle of Man covers, Cook Is covers, various other stamps and covers. (Qty)                120.00                     90.00
212 TOPICALS  MUSIC TOPICAL COLLECTION on pages, largely European material for famous classical composers incl. Beethoven, Mozart etc, with stamps and miniature sheets, covers, proofs and varieties, postcards etc. (approx 600+ stamps, 35 m/s's & 115 covers/cards)                400.00                   300.00
213 AFGHANISTAN  1891-1960's SPECIALIZED COLLECTION in an album, with mostly mint incl. 1890's pelure and flimsy wove paper types including used and blocks of four, on cover usage etc., later Mosque types mint and used, three large panes of the 1913 postal card stamp (Scott 212, cat $2,900), used 1920 10ps & 20pa Independence Day issues incl. 10pa pair, later 1920's incl. sets and tête-bêche blocks, later issues with perf and imperf formats, varieties dotted throughout including the 1951 UPU 35p cliche in a 135p block, good back-of-the-book with a set of the "Postes Aerienne" surcharge forerunners, first and second issues including imperf, registration and parcel post issues including 1921 tête-bêche blocks, etc., also some airmail covers. (Few 100's)               1,250.00               1,000.00
218 AUSTRALIAN STATES  SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1868-74 a rare collection of DEPARTMENTAL overprints, with A.G., A.O., B.G., C.L., C.O., C.P., C.S., D.B., E.B., G.P., H.A., L.T., M., M.B., M.R., P., P.S., R.B., R.G., S., S.G., S.M., S.T. and W., on a wide range of issues, some coloured overprints, few mint etc, some usual mixed quality for these. Seldom offered. (100+ stamps)             6,000.00               4,750.00
230 AUSTRALIA  1931-36 10s grey and pink Kangaroo, SG 136, never hinged mint lower marginal example. Cat £425 as hinged.                250.00                   200.00
236 AUSTRIA  1850-1953 VALUABLE INTACT SPECIALIZED COLLECTION well written-up in five Elbe albums, from 1850 first issues incl. paper types, cancels, few covers and a section of plate flaws, 1858-59 Josef issues with types and shades, St. Andrew crosses (unfortunately none attached to stamps), reprints etc. 1860-61 issues mint and used, cancels and covers, similar 1863-64 Coat of Arms, 1867-80 Emperor issues with various prints, perf varieties, mint with good shades, coloured cancels, 1883 Coat of Arms complete mint with additional mint or used perf varieties, 1890-1907 Emperor definitives incl. mint multiples and cancellations, 1908-16 60th Year set complete mint and used with coated, uncoated and grey papers, four single and three pair imperforates up to the 30h, 1910 Birthday set complete mint and used, good later completion often as mint and used, 1925-27 issues with additional imperfs to the 80g, 1945 Ostereich overprints with some high values, back-of-the-book incl. semi-postals and some covers, 1920's issues with varieties, 1931 Rotary set nhm and used, 1933 Winter Sports mint & used, 1933 WIPA issues (no souvenir sheet) and much of the later sets, airmails incl. 1922 2kr unissued and later nhm high values, Dues including some imperforate sets, Newspapers 1851 first issue only lacking the rarities, Newspaper tax, Special handling, etc., Lombardy-Venetia with used first issues, 1858-62 issues with types, 1863-65 Coat of Arms with better mint, also a section of WWII German propaganda, etc. (Many 100's)             6,500.00               5,250.00
241 BAHRAIN 1960-1979 COMPLETE USED COLLECTION. SG 117/265. S.T.C. £950 in SG 2016 ( 200+ stamps & 1 m/s)                170.00                   130.00
246 BERMUDA  1865-1994 collection in an American printed album, incl. 1865-1903 3d proof block of four with "CANCELLED" overprints, 1874-75 surcharges incl. two with certificates, 1918-22 to £1 mint incl. s broken Crown and Scroll, 1924-32 to 12s.6d mint plus shades, 2s break in scroll, 1938-53 Key Plates with shades incl. early printings and perf changes, solid QE2 mint with much never hinged. (Qty)             3,500.00               2,800.00
293 COLOMBIA  1883-86  cancellations on the 1883-86 stamps, arranged by value from 1c to 1p with postmarks identified (120+ items)                   40.00                     30.00
295 COLOMBIA  REVENUE STAMPS COLLECTION largely 19th century issues on pages and in packets, incl. Timbre Nacional, cigar issues including bands, habilitacion triangle issues local issues, etc, some duplication. (few 100's)                    500.00                   400.00
297 COSTA RICA  REVENUE STAMPS COLLECTION On pages and in packets, with timbre fiscals including some "Muestra" specimen overprints, Guanacaste overprints, liquor bands, Consular, University tax, Excise, etc.; some duplication incl. blocks and sheets sheets. (Many 100's)                600.00                   475.00
316 FRANCE  19TH CENTURY NUMERAL POSTMARKS COLLECTION of large numerals in diamond of dots types on perforated Ceres and Napoleon issues (few imperfs), plus a few Sage types, displayed in a Boechat printed album and on custom pages, between 1 and 6330, largely all different. (approx 2600 stamps)                650.00                   500.00
322 GERMANY 1851-1990 GERMAN AREA COLLECTION in five Scott albums; starting with German States with strong completion in Baden and Bavaria, Hanover & Wurtemberg well represented, Saxony missing only #1, Thurn & Taxis near complete, etc., German Empire & Reich issues complete to mostly complete mixed mint or never hinged and used, missing mostly the rarer items with better throughout, some Zusammendrucke, Zone issues with Posthorn overprints, semi-postals incl. 1930 IPOSTA sheet and good later, Airmails with a few Zeppelin issues, officials with completion, Occupations well represented,  Berlin overprints, DDR issues virtually complete and mostly mint incl. miniature sheets, Offices and Colonies, Danzig and Saar etc. (Qty)             3,500.00               2,800.00
323 GERMANY  1871-1995 VALUABLE MAINLY MINT COLLECTION housed in eight Safe albums; starting with a few States issues, then 1872 small shield eagle near complete (missing 3kr & 7kr) , large shield eagles complete with some n.h. and shades etc, 1875-77 definitives mixed mint and used, 1880-83 Eagles nhm (late printings), 1889-1900 Numeral & Eagles x2 virtually all nhm, 1900 issue complete mint incl. both 5m types, later Germania issues with much nhm, strong 1920-30's issues incl. Inflation issues with varieties incl. imperf and inverted surcharges, Airs including early 1912 semi-official airmails including Gelber-Hund and "E.E.L.P." (age marks), Zeppelins mint lacking only the Chicago flight set, Officials, semi-postals incl. 1930 IPOSTA and 1935 OSTROPA sheets, propaganda labels and Belgium & French private issues, Feldpost issues, post WWII issues including 1948 Posthorn overprints (many signed), 1948-51 Buildings issues with good nhm, 1949 Hanover sheet x4, French Zone issues including souvenir sheets, Federal Republic mostly complete mainly nhm etc. (Qty)             7,500.00               6,000.00
327 GERMANY  LOCALS, PRIVATE POSTS, AREAS AND REVENUES COLLECTION an extensive range of stamps in albums, stockbooks, on pages in folders, etc incl. Eastern Silesia with many varieties, Allied Zones, Memel etc. (few 1000's)             2,000.00               1,600.00
329 GERMAN ALLIED ZONES  LOCAL ISSUES 1945-47 COLLECTION a mainly never hinged mint collection in a Lighthouse album (mostly expertised) and incl. Bad Nauheim Michel #4-8 I x, Barsinghausen 1-7 I-II, Eilenburg 1 III B, Frankenau 1-2, I-II sheets of four (no gum as issued), Fredersdorf 50-53, 62-66, Naumbeg 1-7 I, Glauchau 1-29, 31, 34 and 36 in pairs with/"X" varieties, Herrnhut 5h, 7 and 8, Lobau 3-21, Meissen 2-20, 22-24, 37-38B and block 1, Muhlberg 1//14, Niesky 3-4, 5-7x, Ravensburg I-IVIII, Saulgau I-XII, A XII-B XII, Storkow Block 1B (2), Strausberg 7-30, Unna 1-3, Westerstede I-XVI, etc. S.T.C. Michel €17,500. (+/- 750 stamps and miniature sheets)             3,750.00               3,000.00
340 GREECE  1861-1900 LARGE HERMES HEADS MINT COLLECTION unsorted ranges, mostly with gum, incl. some multiples. (80+ stamps)                850.00                   675.00
341 GREECE  1861-62 LARGE HERMES HEADS SPECIALIZED COLLECTION in an album, most identified and with many showing good margins, most of the various types and printings, with some mint or unused, various varieties and cancel interest, some covers incl. from Brindisi Italy with Greek stamps affixed at Corfu as postage due etc. (approx 500 stamps and 7 covers)             3,750.00               3,000.00
342 HONDURAS  REVENUE STAMPS - HIGHLY SPECIALIZED COLLECTION in two albums, with "renta de timbre" issues including the 1877 issue, following issues with multiple */o, couple printed on both sides variety, on piece items including bisect usage, burlage issues, etc., consular with large die proofs and sheet margin items, other issues with licores, municipals, santorio, telegraphs, section of specimen sets, etc. (100's)             1,250.00               1,000.00
356 INDIA  RANGES IN A STOCKBOOK with mainly 20th century largely used. (Qty)                   60.00                     45.00
383 MALI  1970-72 IMPERF PAIRS never hinged mint Postage and Air Post issues. (97 pairs)                150.00                   110.00
388 MEXICO  1856-1956 COLLECTION in five albums, early issues unused or used incl. shades, districts, later 19th Century to 5p values, Civil War issues, later issues incl. Air Post, 1934 University set mint, other Back-of-Book material etc. (Qty)             3,000.00               2,400.00
408 NIGERIA  61937-53 KGVI FRANKED COMMERCIAL COVERS COLLECTION with many registered and airmail, note 1948 Wedding single 5s on registered cover from Nguru, Censored, several Cameroon Offices etc. (+/- 400 items)                650.00                   500.00
432 RUSSIA  1858-1990 COLLECTION mint and used in seven Scott Specialty albums, mostly complete sets throughout, incl. semipostals, airmail, back of book incl. Occupation, some Offices, Transcaucasain Federated Republics etc. (Qty)             2,200.00               1,750.00
433 RUSSIA  1858-1998 EXTENSIVE COLLECTION displayed in six Scott printed albums, with a few 1858 issues, then fairly solid from 1865 on with early coat of arms near complete, 1929 Bugler set including the mixed perf set mint, good 1930-40's sets mixed mint and used, miniature sheets, the later period mainly nhm, plus back-of-the-book including mostly complete semi-postals and airs missing mostly the rarer items and with better sets, Dues, also some Offices, civil war issues, etc. (Qty)             3,000.00               2,400.00
437 SENEGAL  1965-1972 IMPERFORATE PAIRS never hinged mint ranges. (84 pairs = 168 stamps)                140.00                   110.00
438 SERBIA  1866-72 specialists range with 1866-72 Vienna printing incl. 20pa unused, eight used with various Naplaceno cancels and two on cover usages, 40pa with nine used with various Naplaceno cancels, 1866 Coat of Arms newspaper issue ("as is"), 1869-72 Prince Milan varieties with 1869 10pa perf 9½x12 showing double perfs at bottom, 1872 20pa perf 9½ three sides & perf 12 below on cover and 1872 25pa imperforate and imperf between pairs. (25 stamps and 3 covers)             1,250.00               1,000.00
453 SOUTHERN RHODESIA  1947 VICTORY Set SG 64/7, in mint blocks of four, 3d and 6d perforated punched proofs and 1d and 2d imperf blocks of 4 punched proofs, ex the Waterlow Archives. (8 items)                160.00                   120.00
462 URUGUAY  REVENUE STAMPS COLLECTION in four albums, a folder and in packets, with extensive issues incl. Documentaries with the later dated quarter overprints, Exchange issues, Formento, Impuesto Interno de Consumo, Recibos, Cigarette tax, later Mercury issues, etc, some duplication. (few 1000's)             1,500.00               1,200.00
540 GB.QUEEN VICTORIA  1867-83 5s pale rose plate 2, SG 127, neat Glasgow 1882 cds. Cat. £1500.                350.00                   280.00
543 GB.QUEEN VICTORIA  1870 unissued 1½d rosy mauve, SG 53a, mint with good colour and large part gum. Cat. £7000.             1,800.00               1,450.00
548 GB.QUEEN VICTORIA  1883-84 10s ultramarine, SG 183, never hinged mint, light gum bend. Cat. £2250 as hinged.                600.00                   475.00
549 GB.QUEEN VICTORIA  1883-84 2s.6d lilac on blued paper, SG 175, neat Great Ancoats Manchester cds. Cat. £1500+                450.00                   350.00
553 GB.QUEEN VICTORIA  1884 £1 brown-lilac, wmk Three Imperial Crowns, SG 185, used with light internal wrinkle, strong colour. Cat £3000.                350.00                   260.00
558 GB.QUEEN VICTORIA  l1883-84 5s rose on blued paper, SG 176, with Argyll St Glasgow cds, pressed vertical crease at left. Cat. £4000.                600.00                   475.00
570 GB.EDWARD VII  1915 5s pale carmine Seahorse (worn plate), SG 410, upper marginal example, stamp never hinged mint. Cat. £800 as hinged.                250.00                   200.00
584 GB.GEORGE V  1915 10s deep blue De La Rue Seahorse, SG 411, never hinged mint. Cat. £3750 as hinged.             1,000.00                   800.00
619 GB.ELIZABETH II  1935-70 COMMEMORATIVES STOCK of never hinged mint in stockbooks and in a binder, incl. large blocks/sheets, some Phosphor issues etc. (Qty)                   60.00                     45.00
630 GB.ELIZABETH II  1960's-90's two cartons with albums of FDC's, Presentation packs with mint sets 1980's-96 incl. £10 Britannia x2, plus booklets incl. Prestige, PHQ cards etc. (Qty)                100.00                     75.00
706 GB.ELIZABETH II  SCOTLAND REGIONAL 1984-87 type II perf. 14 22p and 31p, SG XSL41 & 66, never hinged mint. Cat. £180. (2 stamps)                   45.00                     35.00
722 GB.ISLANDS  ISLE OF MAN 1971 - 2020. A near complete collection of basic commemorative sets and definitives (missing miniature sheets and around ten stamp sets). A wonderful opportunity to gain an attractive collection with very few stamps missing. Some controls, traffic lights and gutter pairs. Face value from 2013-2020 exceeds £630.                250.00                   190.00