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Lot Country/Section Description  Low Estimate (No BP)   Unsold Price (inc 20% BP) 
9 ACCESSORIES, COINS & COLLECTABLES  ACCESSORIES - COVER ALBUMS nine single format cover albums in blue with circa 25 double-sided pages, appear unused.              30.00                  27.60
13 ACCESSORIES, COINS & COLLECTABLES  ACCESSORIES - COVER ALBUMS. 11 matching 'Britannia' double cover albums, most with slip cases and all with circa 20 pages (4 covers per page), used but nice condition.              50.00                  48.00
20 COLLECTIONS & ACCUMULATIONS  1949 UPU 75th ANNIVERSARY collection of mint sets and miniature sheets in beautiful Berck album with gold embossed UPU emblem on the outer cover and spaces for all 1949 UPU issues. Mostly complete sets and including miniature sheets, the stamps have been so lightly hinged that many drop off the page at the slightest touch, so requires careful viewing! Includes 1949 Berlin set, China, Colombia with m/sheets, Ethiopia, Spanish Colonies, Monaco incl imperfs and m/sheets, French Colonies, Lebanon with m/sheet, Honduras opt set with m/s, Hungary, Iran, Vatican, Japan, El Salvador, San Marino with m/s, Luxembourg, Portuguese Colonies, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Trieste Zones also Commonwealth issues. Superb.            600.00               540.00
110 CANADA  SPECIAL DELIVERY 1946 10c green (SG S15) PLATE BLOCKS 4 for each corner of the sheet, upper blocks hinged once, lower blocks never hinged mint. Basic stamps cat £208.              40.00                  36.00
156 HONG KONG  1898 10c on 30c grey-green with SURCHARGE DOUBLE, SG 54b (unpriced), mint small part OG with surface damage and 3 small dots of discolouration. This is the third, newly-discovered example of this striking double surcharge error. The second strike of the surcharge is of equal intensity and positioned higher and to the left of the first. Only 6 examples from the left pane could have been produced without the Chinese character, the right pane bearing the additional Chinese character. One of the rarest stamps of Hong Kong.        6,000.00            5,400.00
166 INDIAN CONVENTION STATES  CHAMBA OFFICIALS 1938-43 fine used group 13 stamps incl. 1938-40 9p & 1a, 1940-3 all vals to 8a, SG O66/7, O72/82, stc £325.              70.00                  66.00
177 ISRAEL  1950 Airmails / Birds first issue, COMPLETE SET of 26 PLATE BLOCKS (1st printing with numbers below 150,000), Bale & SG 32/7, never hinged mint. Bale $250 = £180+.              40.00                  36.00
225 MOROCCO  PROGRESSIVE COLOUR PROOFS 1980 1d Fortress (as SG 536 or Yvert 846) six imperf progressive proofs plus an additional similar die proof with gold colour shifted (7 proofs)              35.00                  30.00
227 NAURU  1973 DEFINITIVES PRINTING TRIALS / COLOUR SEPARATIONS includes imperforate colour separations of 1c to 8c, 30c & $1 values (Flowers, Fish, Birds, Boats & Maps), some in pairs or blocks, between SG 99/112, fine never hinged mint (+/- 180 items).            200.00               180.00
228 NEPAL  1917-30 ½a black imperf SG 34 (Scott 10, Hellrigl 33), Setting 13, a COMPLETE SHEET OF 64 with 6 inverted cliches (SG 34a, Sc 10a), fine used with telegraphic cancels. Ex Sanford. Cat £687+            130.00               120.00
235 NEW HEBRIDES  OFFICIAL MAIL many "O.H.M.S." or "O.C.S." sent from a number of departments, cachets from British Commandant of Police, Public Works, Condominium Treasury, Ports & Marine, French & English cachets, several bilingual (26 covers)              40.00                  36.00
244 NEW ZEALAND  CRASH MAIL 1954 env New Zealand (The Dominion Motor Company, Wellington) to Oxford UK, stampless with red framed "SALVAGED MAIL - AIRCRAFT CRASH SINGAPORE 13.3.1954" cachet with Malaya reseal label. From the crash of the Lockheed Constellation at Singapore-Kallang Airport.              40.00                  36.00
258 PAPUA  1917 1d on ½d, 1d on 2½d & 1d on 2s6d, SG 106, 108, 111, each in a lower marginal horizontal strip of three showing "CA" and "JBC" monograms, cancelled Port Moresby 1921 pmks. Very unusual (3 strips)              35.00                  30.00
265 ST HELENA  PHOTOGRAPHS, WAX SEAL collection of 9 original photographs taken on St Helena in 1939, also a circa 1910 red wax seal "Postmaster - Government of St Helena" in card mount, also a registration label (11 items)              40.00                  36.00
293 SOUTH AFRICA  LITERATURE "The Airposts of South Africa" by Wyndhab, 126 pages, pub. 1936. Slight damage to cover.              25.00                  22.80
294 SOUTH AFRICA  LITERATURE "Stamps of South Africa" Handbook Catalogue 1960 Golden Jubilee Edition with worn dust jacket but binding very fine.              25.00                  22.80
295 SOUTH AFRICA  LITERATURE "The Special & Commemorative Postmarks, Cachets & Covers of South Africa" 2nd Edition with revised prices by Hasso O. Reisener 241 pages, pub. 1978. An important book.              40.00                  36.00
297 SOUTH AFRICA  REGISTERED POSTAL STATIONERY ENVELOPES circa 1934 - 1961 collection of all different sizes, inscriptions, very fine unused (29)              35.00                  30.00
298 SOUTH AFRICA  TAXED COVERS 1950s - 1980s accumulation of covers, underpaid with various "T" handstamps with various pen charges added. Basis for an interesting collection (+/-130)               60.00                  54.00
301 SOUTH WEST AFRICA  LITERATURE "Postmarks of South West Africa under South African Administration" by Ralph F. Putzel, 263 pages, pub. 1977.              25.00                  22.80
377 GBEDWARD VII  BOOKLET 1906 2s0d booklet Edition (2) red cover, SG BA2, complete and a very fine example of this rarity with only minor peripheral wrinkles to the cover. Cat £2200.            750.00               690.00
378 GB EDWARD VII  O.W.OFFICIAL 1902 1d scarlet (SGO37) used BLOCK OF SIX. A very scarce multiple, Spec MO15 block 4 + 2 single stamps cat £1460+.            150.00               180.00
439 GB ELIZABETH II  1992 £1.50 'CASTLE' WITH INKING ERROR. A unique block of 25 stamps displaying an unusual and unlisted inking error on the figure one.            120.00               108.00
449 GB ELIZABETH II  BOOKLETS - ADVERTISING VOUCHER COPIES. A group of 1960s - 1970s 2s to 10s stitched and completed booklets with all advertisement covers & interleaves without stamp panes, as supplied to the advertisers. Rarely encountered (90 examples)            150.00               132.00
492 GB REGIONS  SCOTLAND 1985 31p bright violet type II, SG S51Ea, never hinged mint. Cat £180              45.00                  42.00
493 GB REGIONS  SCOTLAND 1985 31p bright purple Type II, SG S51a, fine used. Much scarcer than mint. Cat £180              35.00                  30.00