Stamp Proofs, Essays & Trials

A stamp collection doesn't just have to include the issued stamps of any particular country or theme but it can be expanded further to encompass the work undertaken 'behind the scenes' whether is be artists drawings and artworks, die proofs with that singular perfect impression or the plate proofs when a complete sheet was first created, often without perforations but not always.

Let us not forget the essays, the stories behind these speculative stamp designs can be fascinating, sometimes they can be competition entries, othertimes produced by printers looking for work. They can be amusing or in turn almost identical to the final design.

Every stamp has been through the design and a printers developemental process. We are indeed fortunate in philately to add some of this to our collections, improving our album pages with colour seperations, signed proofs, unlikely colours, unsuitable papers and unusable perforations (or lack of them) until, at last, the final stamp emerges...


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