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Stamp collections. With over 40 years of philatelic experience Sandafayre knows what makes a great stamp collection. Therefore, when choosing a reputable company to buy a stamp collection from it's well worth looking through our website. Check out this week’s collection lots featured by our stamp experts below. Then, perhaps take a look at our ‘Stamps by Country’ list or simply search the entire site by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol above. The vast experience of our stamp experts ensures a price that’s competitive and, combined with our ‘no quibble’ returns policy on all the lots in our weekly mail bid sales, means that the stamp collection of your dreams can be purchased without any stress or worries.

Through our weekly Mail Bid sales we have thousands of different stamps, stamp collections and other philately related items every week, from individual stamps, postal history, collections and the contents of entire philatelic estates. You can even search for your favourites by country, from Abu Dhabi to Zululand, and thematically from Butterflies on stamps to Zeppelin mail. To enhance your knowledge on the whole world of stamps and stamp collections, we have philatelic articles and blogs plus a large selection of YouTube videos available. Whether building a collection from scratch, or by purchasing a readymade one, we're here to help our clients achieve their aims. Selling your stamp collection, or needing a valuation for one? Our team of stamp experts have a total of over 300 years of experience in this field and therefore you're assured of a prompt, efficient assessment of your property.

Here we showcase collections that have caught our expert's eye – we hope our fellow philatelists will find them as interesting as we do.

Lot 1619 (Kwik-Bid #4330, 8th February 2022)

BARBADOS - 1852-1935 MINT ONLY COLLECTION presented on protective pages that includes 1852 (½d deep green) & (1d) blue, 1861 (½d) rough perf green & ... read more

Est. £800 - £900
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 1960 (Kwik-Bid #4330, 8th February 2022)

FALKLAND IS. - 2001-18 NEVER HINGED MINT COLLECTION neatly presented on album pages, appear to be COMPLETE for the period from 2001 Sunrises & ... read more

Est. £1,100 - £1,300
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 2249 (Kwik-Bid #4330, 8th February 2022)

HAITI - 1759 TO 1793 POSTAL HISTORY. A collection of 17 very fine stampless covers / entire letters sent within Haiti bearing Haiti postal markings. ... read more

Est. £1,500 - £2,000
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 3000 (Kwik-Bid #4330, 8th February 2022)

SAN MARINO - 1945-1982 COMPLETE NEVER HINGED MINT COLLECTION in two hingeless albums, all different, seems to be COMPLETE for the period, includes ... read more

Est. £1,250 - £1,500
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 5002 (Hunters #7329, 1st February 2022)

.GENERAL SECTION - 1840 TO 1936 BRITISH EMPIRE COLLECTION IN "NEW IMPERIAL" ALBUMS VOLUMES I & II. Both volumes of this famous album still in fresh ... read more

Est. £4,500 - £5,000
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 5791 (Hunters #7329, 1st February 2022)

FRANCE - 1850-1960 ATTRACTIVE COLLECTION in a Schaubek album, mostly used mainly all different stamps, some 1930's-1950's issues are mint. Includes ... read more

Est. £1,250 - £1,500
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 6345 (Hunters #7329, 1st February 2022)

ITALY - LUBIANA BLOCKS OF FOUR 1941 SUPERB NEVER HINGED MINT COLLECTION on stock pages, all different, includes 1941 "Co. Ci." opts set (ex 15d), ... read more

Est. £800 - £900
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 7424 (Hunters #7329, 1st February 2022)

SPAIN - 1850-1901 IMPRESSIVE COLLECTION on hingeless pages, mint, unused & used mostly all different stamps, highly complete for the period, begins ... read more

Est. £1,200 - £1,300
Buyer's Premium applies

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Lot 7800 (Hunters #7329, 1st February 2022)

GB.EDWARD VII - 1902 - 1913 SPECIALIZED FINE USED COLLECTION. A collection of fine cds used stamps arranged and knowledgeably annotated by printing ... read more

Est. £1,600 - £2,000
Buyer's Premium applies

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