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Stamp Valuations - We completely understand it can be daunting knowing how and where to best sell a stamp collection. We also understand selling stamps might be something you only do once in your lifetime and we know by our stamp dealing background it is very important to get it right. You will want to deal with stamp experts who can help get you the very best prices for your stamps. Also, to make sure they go to a new home where they will be appreciated and cared for. Sandafayre is one of the world’s leading philatelic specialists, established for over 40 years. We are based in the birthplace of the postage stamps industry but deal in stamps worldwide. As such, we have the expertise, time-served experience and professionalism to undertake the most thorough and knowledgeable appraisal and valuation of your stamps.

You can entrust our stamp experts to provide you with a confidential, honest and straightforward response to your enquiry. You will be able to rely on our response which you will receive promptly without further obligation to sell.

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If you decide you want to sell some of your stamps and want to realise the highest possible value, then we can help.

We can purchase your stamps directly from you at an agreed price, giving you money immediately. Alternatively, you can consign your stamp collection to us. We will advertise and promote your stamp collection to our worldwide audience of stamp collectors. We will enter your stamps into our next public auction called Cheshire Stamp Auctions. This lets the bidders race for your stamps in a live auction broadcast worldwide, achieving the best possible price on auction day.

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Our exciting public Cheshire Stamp Auctions are held every 3 months in the UK. We encourage you to attend the stamp auction in person so you can experience the thrill of the chase for yourself. In addition, our public stamp auctions are broadcast live on the internet through and on our own website Consequently, reaching our large client base of stamp collectors across the world. As a result, bids for your stamps can arrive from all corners of the globe.

We highly recommend you make a stamp auction weekend of it. You can stay overnight at our lovely hotel venue, spoiling yourself with their spa treatments. Alternatively visit the attractive nearby Cheshire towns of Knutsford, Nantwich and Wilmslow. Tatton Park, one of the UK’s most historic country estates is only 3 miles away. Tatton Park offers a great day out with its 1,000 acres of landscaped parkland, 50 acres of formal gardens, Neo-Classical Mansion, Tudor Old Hall, restaurants, shopping and working farm. A Championship golf course is available on our doorstep at The Mere Golf and Spa Resort. Chester, Manchester and Liverpool are all within easy reach for you to explore. All in all, a great stamp auction weekend experience awaits you.



Whether you have recently inherited a stamp album from a beloved relative or dear friend, have been building your philatelic collection for years with care and dedication or think you may have just discovered a very rare single stamp; we provide stamp valuations and experts opinions from our team of approachable and highly skilled stamp experts.

It is always helpful for us to see your stamp collection because we can then help and advise you on what may be best for your next steps.

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  1. We get results! With over 40 years stamp trading experience, we will best describe, photograph and display your stamps to generate high levels of interest from our worldwide client base.
  2. We are approachable experts. We are open and straightforward to deal with; and are nice decent professionals who will care for your stamps just as much as you do.
  3. We pay you quickly. Once we agree the purchase price we pay you within days. Alternatively, you can consign your stamps to us. We sell them through our next Public Auction and we settle-up with you promptly after they sell.

Sandafayre handle everything philately-related. From colonial rarities, general stamp inheritances, medal-winning exhibition collections to mystery stamp albums. We help you sell a single rare stamp, to boxes filled with carefully indexed mint condition stamps in pristine albums. Likewise, up to a room filled with the most incredible stamp collection the world has yet to see.

So whether you have stamp accumulations, stamp albums, complete stamp collections or simply single rare stamps you are thinking of selling or would like a valuation, contact us on +44 (0)1565 653214 or email
We look forward to hearing from you!


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What our customers say


“What an incredible result, we are delighted.”

Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019 


“My stamps sold virtually for the estimate you gave me when we brought them to you for valuation and auction, so thank you very much for your expertise and honesty.”

Mr WP, UK – 14th September 2019


“...what a prompt response, I thank you!”

Mr B, Australia – 7th October 2019


“My husband is pleased with the outcome of the auction and, having 'tested the water', wishes to sell more of his collection.”

Mrs W, UK – 14th September 2019


“We have been very happy with your service; in terms of efficiency, honesty and of course success rate.”

 Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019 


“I think your auctions are excellent and something I've wanted to see happen for years...”

Mrs C, UK – 19th September 2019


“We could never have expected that they would have such an impressive value.”

 Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019 


“I don’t know where you get these collections from, they are excellent.”

Mr N, UK – 9th October 2019


“You are efficient and very nice people. Thank you Sandafayre.”

Mr N, UK – 9th October 2019


If memory serves I’ve written you regarding this lot before when previously listed – and received, to my surprise, a personal email from your chairman. Thanks for your note, I do appreciate the time and attention it takes to respond.”

Mr R, USA – 30th September 2019


“I was immediately impressed by your friendly, frank and honest approach. Personal touches always make a difference.”

Mrs O, UK – 25th September 2019


“I have to reiterate the fact that I was very impressed the way you operated.”

Mr D, UK – 10th October 2019


“Thank you for your prompt attention and kindness. The service we have received from Sandafayre, both in dealing/selling my stamps and answering our queries has been beyond measure, excellent, and we thank you.”

Mr & Mrs WP, UK – 17th October 2019