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When it's time to sell your stamps...

Don't gamble when it's time to sell your stamps and stamp collections!

Sandafayre are one of the World's largest stamp companies and have been established for over 40 years. You may have inherited a stamp collection, or you may have carefully formed the collection yourself and now feel it’s time to realise the highest possible price – whichever it is, we can help by buying directly or offering your stamps in one of our public auctions.

Stamp valuations you can rely on

It is difficult to sell a stamp collection and as you can only sell your stamp collection once it’s very important to get it right. As one of the most well- known stamp companies, we sell to a wide international clientele of philatelists every week. You can entrust your collection to our expert stamp professionals and you will find us friendly and responsive with the expertise to undertake the most thorough and knowledgeable valuation on your behalf. We won't make it difficult, embarrasing or drawn-out.

We'll pay more for your stamps and stamp collections

It's important to know that the value of your stamp collection will be determined by its true market value – not by the financial limitations of the buyer; at any time we have funds available to make very substantial purchases. We handle everything from large general inheritances & mystery albums to unique British Colonial rarities and from medal - winning exhibition collections to specialised Great Britain collections, plus so much besides. From a single rarity to a house filled with stamps we are keen to hear from you. 

You can sell your stamps or stamp collections directly to us or through our public stamp auctions

If your stamps are suitable we will advise that you sell them at one of our Public Auctions streamed live on the internet. This can be fun but takes time and is not suitable for many types of collections, in fact you may simply want a straight- forward risk free transaction for an agreed price. Our vast experience will help us guide you to the best decision and we'll never lose sight that this is a complicated problem and you need our help.

What next?

Although we can send an expert to your home if the collection is very large, most valuations are conducted at our offices because that’s where our team and extensive library are situated. We can make getting your stamps to us very easy, we can even send you boxes and packaging materials and then a courier to pick eveything up. Please read our Selling FAQs then give us a call on +44 (0)1565 653214 or fill out the form below and put us to the test.


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