Revenue, Cinderella and LOCAL Stamps

Those wonderful ‘back of the book’ stamps! As governments like to tax as much as possible then they need stamps to prove that that tax has been paid and those ‘revenue’ or ‘fiscal’ stamps were usually printed by the same printers employed to produce postage stamps. It is only natural, therefore that these wonderful revenue stamps should appeal to us philatelists and the stories they tell appeal to the historian in all of us.

Taxes for Opium, Tobacco, Animal Slaughter, Dog Licences, Vacation Pay, Honey Seals, Padlocks, Playing Cards & Fruit Inspection Fees can only scratch the surface of the uses revenue stamps have been created for. Local issues have long fascinated stamp collectors prepared to operate outside the boundries set by catalogues and national postal authorities whilst bogus stamps created by cranks, dreamers & the downright dishonest all have a story to tell. 



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