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Rare Germany Stamps

Below are some rare Germany stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare Germany stamps ever sold!

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1914 5mk black, green and red VAR 'CENTRE INVERTED'.1912 'Gelbur Hund' VAR 'Surcharge inverted'.1900 3 Mk grey, watermark rings.
1953 Transport set 'MINISTER' block.1872 small shield 1/4gr violet block of 8.1872 small shield 2kr brownish red.
1992 August Macke variety 'Value omitted'.1945 Feldpost, Leros issue corner copy.1943 Feldpost, Krim parcel post label.
1939-45 British wartime propaganda forgery.1900 1Mk Reichspost variey 'Imperforate'.1902 5Mk Germania without watermark variety 'Imperforate'.
1875 20pfg deep ultramarine.1920 1.60M on 5pfg dark brown.1905 5Mk 'Minister print'.
1944/5 Feldpost, Vukovar issue varity 'Double overprint'.1944 Feldpost, Crete perforated issue.1943 Feldpost, Kuban-Brucken Kopt - parcel post type ll.
1944 3 + 7pfg unissued 'Postkameradschaft'.1945 U-Boat 'Hela'.1931 4Rm brown Polar Flight.
1872 1/3g yellow green 'small shield'.1875 5gr bistre 'small shield'.1923 200 millionein overprint official.
1875 50pfg.1889 10pfg imperforate.1912 Gelber Hund 1M pair, variety 'Inverted Surcharge'.
1920 3Mk, watermark circles.1872 9kr chestnut.1967 40pfg imperforate.
1861 ¼ groschen orange-yellow.1872 30pfg blue, block of four.1877 50pfg grey-olive.
1954 10pfg Ehrlich-Behring pair, top stamp imperforate.1912 10pf Rhein und Main Air overprinted E.E.L.P. (Ex Est Luft Post).1955 10pf Lufthansa imperforate.
1913 10pf Zeppelin Luftpost on Rhein.1951 4pf Posthorn proof in black.1875 2 mark violet-purple interpanneau pair.
1981 60pfg mail coaches, variety part imperforate.1900 5mk Reichpost essay in red lilac and black.1926 20pf Beethoven imperforate.
1935 12pf railway centenary, variety imperforate.1951-2 80pf Posthorn, variety imperforate.1954 10pf Ehrlich and von Behring, variety imperforate.
1955 20pf Lufthansa, variety imperforate.1945 U-Boat 'Hela' Feldpost label.1951-2 90pf yellow-green 'Posthorn'
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