Sandafayre provide probate valuations of stamp collections. We understand dealing with a deceased’s estate can be a delicate time; here at Sandafayre we aim to help and guide you by providing expertly researched and written probate valuations. We have dedicated Philatelic Specialists for your stamp collections, accumulations and rarities.

We have more than 40 years’ experience in all things philatelic.

Therefore, we are highly respected as leading experts in the field of stamps and stamp collections. Our expertise covers rare stampshighly collectable stamps, postal history, collections and entire estates of collectables

Probate Valuations of Stamps

A Probate Valuation of a stamp collection, accumulation or single rarity can be complex and very detailed; for this reason requiring in-depth expert Philatelic knowledge built across many years. Therefore there is a fee for the valuation. We typically charge 2.5%+VAT of the valuation amount or minimum £250+VAT.

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To give you added peace of mind, if we believe your stamps are of low value we'll highlight this early on. As a result, providing you with the opportunity to stop the valuation.

If we recommend continuing with the probate valuation process, once you have received the full probate valuation and had the time to read the contents, you may decide you wish to sell the stamp collection. 

Sandafayre can also help you in selling the stamps; whether selling directly to us OR through one of our Public Auctions. If you sell your stamps to us or through our Public Auction we refund or waive the Probate valuation costs.

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We can purchase the stamps directly from you, giving you money immediately. If your stamps are potentially of high enough commercial value we can sell your stamps in one of our public auctions. We will advertise and promote the stamps to our worldwide audience of stamp collectors.

Sandafayre handles everything philately-related. From medal-winning exhibition collections and worldwide rarities to general stamp inheritances we can help sell everything philatelic from a complete collection which fills a room to a single rare stamp.

"Great service provided by Karl Hogg (of Sandafayre) when helping us sell an inherited collection of stamps. All aspects of the sale dealt with expeditiously which was much appreciated."

Mr and Mrs B, UK. 11th June 2021

"Thanks very much for taking the time to look at Mother's stamp collection. I am grateful for your willingness to give an honest appraisal of the collection while not landing me with a bill for more than the stamps are worth!"

Mr N, UK. 11th May 2021











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