prince edward island Stamps 

The Stamps and Postal History of Prince Edward Island

One of Canada's oldest settlements and one of the three so-called Maritime Provinces, Prince Edward Island’s first stamps were issued on 1 January 1861, each of the 3 values with an unusual 9 - gauge perforation. The following year more values were added and the perforation changed to 11 and by 1869 six different designs with values from 1d to 9d with a range of different perforation measurements had been issued, the so-called ‘compound perfs’ being particularly scarce and the 1861 2d rose with rouletted perforation being Prince Edward Islands rarest stamp.

Rare doubly printed and bisected on cover items also exist and specialists identify many constant plate flaws amongst the many other interesting and unusual items to be found from time to time.

Prince Edward Island issued her last stamps in 1872 and joined the Dominion of Canada in 1873. The Stanley Gibbons listings identify 47 basic stamps plus many more bisects, imperf between pairs, different dies and much more, the postal history and postmarks from the tiny population is highly sought after.