Nova Scotia Stamps

The Stamps and Postal History of Nova Scotia

The first Nova Scotia stamps were issued in 1 September 1851, each with dimensions and design similar to the New Brunswick issue showing the Crown and Heraldic Flowers of the UK but with the Mayflower of Nova Scotia and the 1d value inset with a portrait of Queen Victoria. Typically for the early Perkins Bacon stamps they are imperforate and on blued paper. The 1d, 3d & 6d values are known bisected due to shortages or unusual postal rates, for example the Royal Collection contains a piece bearing several stamps including 3d bisected diagonally to make a 10½d rate for either an internal parcel or a heavy letter to England via New York, Nova Scotia was one of the first colonies to offer a parcel post. The 6d vale is known quartered to make 1½d. In the same series there are three different shades listed for the 1 shilling value, including a ‘cold violet’. To our knowledge this is the only use of this term for a shade within the Stanley Gibbons listings.

This wild and beautiful province is in effect a peninsula attached to New Brunswick on the Atlantic coast of Canada. A large but sparsely populated area which has proved popular with collectors of postmarks due to its range of small PO’s. The greatest collections of this area have not only included the first imperf issue with its bisects and covers bearing exotic frankings & postal rates but also postmarks, proofs, the elegant 1860-63 issue on different papers showing a more mature Queen Victoria and the colony’s postal relationships with its larger neighbours.