newfoundland Stamps 

The Stamps and Postal History of Newfoundland

The world’s 16th largest island and an important British colony off the Eastern coast of Canada issued stamps from 1857 through to 1947. The first Newfoundland stamps were issued on 1 January 1857, in all 9 different values in various shapes and colours depicted Royal Crown and Heraldic flowers of the United Kingdom and were printed by Perkins Bacon. Stanley Gibbons identifies 3 distinct sets of these early imperforates chiefly identifiable from each other by ink colours and paper types, several are known with the “CANCELLED” in oval presentation handstamps which were to cost Perkins Bacon their entire stamp printing contracts (these stamps, property of the British Government should not have been used to make up small collections on the orders of Ormond Hill, Rowland Hills son)

From 1865 Newfoundland embarked on a spectacular stamp- issuing policy of beautiful pictorial engravings depicting Royalty, Explorers, Fish, Dogs, Seals, Ships and many views of this beautiful land. From 1919 a number of stamps were officially issued with overprints relating to attempted trans-Atlantic flights, many are rare, perhaps the most famous being the 1927 60c black “Air Mail DE PINEDO” overprinted stamp which the 2018 Stanley Gibbons listing values at £42,000 in mint condition, although those early “Cancelled” classics are ever rarer.

Those pioneer flight covers are just part of the interesting postal history of this remove and wild place, small Post Offices make for fun postmark collecting, also many stamp proofs are available and the many expensive plate flaws & perforation varieties mean there is always a chance to discover something special!