Mike Nicholson


Mike is a Yorkshireman, born in Leeds he attended university in Sussex, before spending over 40 years on the “wrong side” of the Pennines in Lancashire. Before stamps came a 20- year period with Courtaulds - firstly as a Research Chemist and then moving on to Weaving and Spinning where he witnessed first-hand the demise of the Textile Industry. Always a stamp lover (a Penny Black was a Christmas gift at 12, rather than a bike) he moved into stamps as a profession in 1992, joining Sandafayre in 1997. He has been heard to say that “Murderers don’t get this long” but we don’t quite know what he means by that, it must be a Yorkshire phrase. Away from Sandafayre (and apart from a constant devotion to wife and family) his main passion is the game (or sport?) of Bridge, where he has represented Lancashire for over 35 years, despite his roots.