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The Stamps and Postal History of Great Britain Post Offices Abroad

For the stamps of Great Britain postmarked at the British Post Offices and Agencies based in foreign countries, this is the place for you! For GB stamps used as forerunners within British territories such as Gibraltar or Malta, please check our listings under the relevant countries. The history of the use of GB stamps along the western coast of South America or along the West Coast of Africa is enchanting, those Brits were everywhere! The scarcity of these stamps compared to their pedestrian equivalents postmarked in Britain cannot be understated. Imagine that simple little stamp travelling for weeks in a sailing ship, perhaps rounding Cape Horn, stored in a sweltering office at the jungles edge eventually affixed to a letter back home to London by a ship’s Captain or a jolly Jack Tar!
We would recommend the excellent listings in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue and also the outstanding work “GB Used Abroad: Cancellations and Postal Markings” by John Parmenter & Ken Gordon.






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