Falkland Islands dependencies Stamps

The Stamps and Postal History of The Falkland Islands Dependencies

Postal services were provided to four areas:

  • Graham Land - The stamps of the Falkland Islands can be found used at Graham Land when a cancellation was introduced to coincide with the 1944 Graham Land overprinted set on 12 February 1944.
  • South Georgia - The stamps of the Falkland Is were used at South Georgia from 1909 and can be identified by the use of a “South Georgia” straight-line handstamp alongside a Falkland Is postmark -  In 1911 De La Rue created an essay for a proposed stamp but it was not until 1944 that the use of Falkland Is stamps ceased and the overprinted stamps were issued.
  • South Orkneys followed the same pattern as Graham Land and the few Falkland Islands stamps used there took advantage of the postmark introduced for the 1944 overprinted stamps.
  • South Shetlands - The stamps of the Falkland Is lands were used once a post office was provided on Deception Island during the 1912-13 whaling season. Stamps from the 1904-12 series can be found with “Port Foster” straight-line handstamps, later an oval “Deception Island / South Shetlands” and a circular “South Shetlands” datestamp can be found applied to Falkland Is stamps, finally the postmark provided for the 1944 overprinted sets can be found.

On 12 July 1946 the first “Falkland Islands Dependencies” set of stamps depicting KGVI and a map of the island group was issued, this has proved popular with collectors as many constant flaws can be identified. Since then beautiful stamps have been in constant issue variously inscribed for “Falkland Island Dependencies”, “South Georgia” and “South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands”.




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