The earliest known letters are found on clay tablets from around 3000 B.C. and there are several references in the bible to written letters including “…and sent letters by posts on horseback, and also riders on mules, camels and young dromedaries”. However collectors of covers and postal history enjoy many items which do not rely on great antiquity to prove deeply interesting and entertaining. Wherever we have been, the places we’ve traded, the wars we’ve fought, the expeditions joined, we have written home. Letters sent from Besieged Paris by balloon as Prussian soldier fired from below, those experimental early flights carrying a small bag of precious mail, covers from Internees and POWs, mail carried and sorted on stuffy travelling rail post offices across America and Europe, mail carried during postal strikes or carried to Mt Everest. Does it have an unusual postal rate or stamp franking? Is that an instructional mark explaining that the envelope fell into a river, or was it eaten by snails? Do you find first day covers the most beautiful combination of stamps and mail?



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