Canadian provinces Stamps

Those stamps issued for the Colony of Canada between 1851 and 1864 are of the same philatelic status as the five other well- known stamp- issuing provinces however they are generally accepted as the first stamps of Canada proper and most collections do not separate them from those issued for the Dominion of Canada when it formed in 1867.

British Columbia and Vancouver Island issued stamps between 1860-1871, joining the Dominion in 1871; New Brunswick issued her stamps between 1851-1863 joining the Dominion in 1867; Newfoundland issued stamps rich in tourist- related pictorials between 1857-1949 joining the Dominion in 1949; Nova Scotia issued stamps between 1851-1863 joining the Dominion in 1867 and Prince Edward Island issued stamps from 1861 to 1872 joining the Dominion in 1873.



New Brunswick
British Columbia
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island