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The Stamps and Postal History of the British Commonwealth

Commonwealth stamps or British Commonwealth stamps are terms generally used for the stamps issued by countries that were formally part of the British Empire. In addition, they usually feature the image of the British monarch of the period. Commonwealth stamps are one of the most popular collecting areas, collections often being based on individual countries, continents or particular reigns. Some of the most popular areas for stamp collections include British Africa, the West Indies, Australia, Canada and more recently, India. 


“The Sun never sets on the British Empire!” was the old colonial adage but all things come to an end. Stamp collecting has an incredible legacy with collectors from every corner of the globe being able to enjoy a breadth of designs and styles as diverse as the old Empire itself. From the Dhows sailing off Aden to a Polar supply vessel steaming toward the Falkland Islands and from Turtles on the beach at Ascension Island to the Camel Postmen of Sudan riding in the baking desert heat, the stamps are bound by Monarchs, a few currencies and in most cases just a few major printers whose workmanship was rarely surpassed. The modern Commonwealth of Nations with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at its head continues to bind, in a wholly different way so many of the old British colonies alongside a number of others whose history never included British colonization. Commonwealth stamps include the world’s rarest issue, the British Guiana 1856 1c black on magenta which last sold for over £6,000,000, and we would also argue many of the world's most beautiful stamps, but perhaps we're biased.

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