UPDATE: 24th February 2021

Dear Philatelic Friends in Europe

Since 1st January 2021 we have sent several hundred packages containing stamps to our clients in the EU.

During that 7-week period only 2 packages have been taxed.

We will no longer re-emburse clients for EU taxes charged upon importation on lots purchased in sales after the Kwik-Bid sale of 2nd March 2021.

Please be aware that in almost every EU country there is a reduced VAT rate for imports of stamps and other collectors items.

Thanks again to our EU clients who have contined to prove that the philatelic community has a global reach!

Vincent Green

Chairman, Sandafayre.



UPDATE: 29th December 2020.

Dear Philatelic Friends in Europe

The latest news is that the details of a trade agreement between the British Government and the EU have been agreed between the negotiating teams. It is also reported that ambassadors for the EU27 nations have agreed those details. Both the British and EU parliaments have yet to vote but the signs are extremely positive that a trade deal between the UK and EU will be ratified shortly.

There appears to be legal procedures available to both sides which should ensure that until the new trade agreement rules come into force the old rules will apply. So we shall now CONTINUE SHIPPING YOUR PURCHASES AS BEFORE rather than using the Parcelforce arrangements detailed in our 22 December update below.

Should you be obliged to pay any import tax before the situation is clearer then WE SHALL REFUND YOU that amount. We’ll require documentary evidence of the charge you incurred, not least so we can understand how rules are being applied!

Best regards for the New Year.

Vincent Green

Chairman, Sandafayre.



UPDATE: 22 December 2020

Dear Philatelic Friends in Europe,

Despite being advised to prepare for Brexit we in the UK still find scant information which we can pass on to our clients in Europe regarding import taxation to be levied on philately, or indeed if purchases of stamps will be taxed at all.

Until the rules become clear we will send your purchases by Parcelforce who run a service where any import taxes are charged back to us, not you, and those packages will be delivered straight to your address. From your side it should be seamless. Parcelforce charges can be higher for small items so we will also subsidise this to keep shipping charges the same, at least until the situation becomes clearer.

I would imagine that suits you!

Please continue doing business with us, apart from a continuing weak GB pound nothing should change on January 1st.

Invoices below £100 will still be sent by regular mail or if you advise us we will combine it with a later purchase and send them together by Parcelforce, as above. This delay won’t affect the satisfaction guarantee we give on all our mail bid sale lots.

We are determined to give the best service to our friends and customers. Despite any political changes we are in a globalised world and part of the international philatelic community, which will certainly not change.

Kind regards to you and your loved ones. We at Sandafayre wish you a happy Christmas and a safe, secure 2021.


Vincent Green

Chairman, Sandafayre.