Brazil Stamps

The Stamps and Postal History of Brazil

The first stamps of Brazil were issued on 1st August 1843 making Brazil the second country after Great Britain to issue stamps for an entire country. Like the GB stamps they do not bear the name of the country, what’s more they have become known as the “Bull’s Eyes” due to the large size and apparent resemblance to the same. Stamp collectors recognise fine, intermediate and worn impressions of each of the 30r, 60r and 90r values.

Specialist stamp collectors recognise 3 further imperforate classic issues, the 1844–46 black ”Inclinados” issue with its distinctive scalloped corners, the 1850 black “Verticais” issue and the 1854–61 blue, red and yellow “Coloridos” issue, or as they can be more commonly known the “Goat’s Eyes” and “Snake’s Eyes”!

The most prolific stamp-issuing country in South or Central America Brazil is well-known for its beautiful 19th and early 20th Century issues, unusually Brazil did not issue many Air Post or other ‘back of the book’ stamps and issued her first commemorative set in 1900 for the 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of Brazil.

Rarest Stamp

Brazils rarest is in fact a pair of the 1843 30r and 60r “Bull’s Eyes” together and is a world-renowned rarity which at the time of writing is catalogued $950,000. Another exceptional rarity would be the only known cover bearing all 3 values of the “Bull’s Eyes” issue and is the only first issue ‘set’ known for the Americas.

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