Lot 7016 (Sandafayre #5298, 22nd October 2019)

JORDAN - 1946-1983 SUPERB NEVER HINGED MINT ACCUMULATION sorted by issues on stock pages, includes 1947 Parliament imperf set, 1950 Air sets (x13), 1952 surcharges on 1942 issues (x18) with vals to 5f on 5m and on 1943-47 issues 4f on 4m green double opt, 1953 bars opts ½mm apart vals to 100f (x4), 1953-56 "POSTAGE" opts inscr 'MILS' vals to 100m, opt'd 'FILS' 10f on 10m (x2), 15f on 15m (x2) & 20f on 20m, SG 404/06, and inscr 'FILS' sets (x4), 1955 Wedding sets (x4), 1955-65 Defins wmk'd vals to 500f (x2) & 1d, 1959 King vals to 500f, 1961 "Hammarskjold" opts sets (x20), 1963 UN imperf set, 1963 Holy Places se-tenant strips sets (x6 incl one imperf), 1963 surcharges sets (x6), 1963 Red Crescent (x7) & Red Cross imperf sets, 1963 Renaissance sets (x7), 1964 Kennedy imperf sets (x2), 1965 Cosmonauts sets (x5) & Kennedy m/s, 1965 Jerash perf (x2) & imperf (x6) se-tenant strips sets, 1965 Pope's Visit (x13) & Space Achievements (x7) imperf sets, 1966 Space Flights opts set, 1966 Christ's Passion (x7 incl two imperf) sets, 1966 Christmas imperf sets (x2), 1967 Kennedy sets (x4), 1967 Preparation imperf sets (x5), 1977 Jubilee m/s's (x2), 1983 Royal Academy m/s's (x3), Obligatory Tax 1951 sets (x26), Palestine Postage Dues 1948 2m no wmk opts (x3) etc. Lovely fresh condition, cat £7,500+. (approx 3,100 stamps & 8 M/S's)

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Auction: Sandafayre #5298, 22nd October 2019

Highlights from our 5298 auction include:

  • North Borneo - Fabulous Collection Ex The "Imperial" Collection: Exceptional old time collection offered as several scarce and rare individual items and the main collection with very few blank spaces.
  • Iraq with Baghdad - Fabulous Collection Ex The "Imperial" Collection: Superb old time collection offered as a range of individual scarce "Baghdad" items and a strong collection of Iraq to 1927
  • Germany - Allied Zones, Extensive Collection From This Intriguing Period: Comprehensive collection of better individual items and country collections from the post Nazi era including Russian, French, British and American Zones.

 Plus hundreds of Commonwealth lots, Great Britain lots, European lots – All countries in the world from Aden to Zululand! There are also some great sorter lots and collections.

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