Lot 2924 (Express #6289, 19th February 2019)

INDIA - 1856-1952 MINT COLLECTION on stock pages, ALL DIFFERENT, includes 1856-64 ½a & 1860 8p unused, 1865 8p & 1a, 1866-78 4a Die I & 6a8p (small faults), 1873 ½a both shades, 1894 9p, 1882-90 set (ex 4a), 1892-97 set, 1895 2r, 1900-02 set (ex 2a), 1902-11 vals to 12a & 1r, 1911-23 vals to 1r, plus 2r wmk inverted (small tear), 1926-33 vals to 1r, 1929 Air both wmk types sets, 1931 New Delhi set with wmk types, 1932-36 most vals to 6a incl 3a, 1935 Jubilee both wmk types sets, 1937-40 vals to 2r & 5r, 1940-43 set, 1948 Gandhi set to 12a, 1949-52 set to 1r, 1949 UPU set, 1950 Republic set, 1950-51 set NHM, 1951 Games set, 1952 Saints & Poets set, Officials 1883-99 1r, CEF 1900 set to 12a, 1905-11 3p, 1914-22 vals to 3a, 4a, 8a & 12a, IEF 1914 set, a few Convention States incl Gwalior Officials 1895-96 set etc. Mostly good to fine & fresh condition, attractive. (210+ stamps)

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£600 - £700

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Auction: Express #6289, 19th February 2019

Highlights from our 6289 auction include:

  • Australian States: Extensive range of better individual items including superb classic, high values and varieties with most states represented.
  • Grenada: substantial early to modern collection broken down to individual lots including high value sets, some elusive varieties, blocks and balance lots.

Plus thousands of smaller singles/sets (great for buyers seeking to fill gaps in their collections or find that elusive single stamps!). Hundreds of Commonwealth Lots, Great britain Lots, European Lots etc.

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