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Lot 5011 (#7336)

Est. £800 - £900

GENERAL SECTION - BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 1953-1969. EXTENSIVE USED QEII COLLECTION of Countries A to G presented in a printed 'New Age' Gibbons album. An extensive collection with a high degree of completion with sets, top values, Omnibus editions, a handful of mint stamps dotted throughout etc, many countries with no spaces left to fill, ALL DIFFERENT & includes Aden 1953 set of values to £1, 1955 State set to 10s top value, Antigua 1953 set to $4.80 top value, omnibus ranges etc, Ascension 1963 Bird set, Australia highly complete & values to £1, Bahamas 1964 set, Omnibus sets & later values to $3 & many sets, Bahrain 1952-56 complete, Barbados 1953 set, Omnibus sets & later sets to $2.50, Basutoland ranges to 1r on 10s top value, Bechuanaland 1955 set, Omnibus sets & 1961 Animals & Birds set, Bermuda 1953 set & most Omnibus sets, BAT set to 2s, Br Guiana 1954 set to both printings of $2 & $5, Br Honduras 1953 set to $2, 1962 Bird set, Omnibus sets etc, Br Solomon Islands 1956 set to 10s, Omnibus sets later ranges to £1 top value etc, Brunei 1952-63 complete, Canada with many complete sets, Caymans to 10s & Omnibus sets, Ceylon 1951-54 set & 1964 perf variant set of same issues, Christmas Island to $1, Cyprus 1955 set & 1960 overprinted set and a good range of sets thereafter, Dominica 1954 set & many Omnibus issues, KUT virtually complete, Falkland Islands 1960 set (less 1s3d), Falkland Deps to 10s, Fiji 1954 set, later to different £1, Omnibus sets etc, Gambia 1953 set & Omnibus, Ghana virtually complete to 1964, Gibraltar 1953 set, Gilbert Islands 1965 set amongst much else. An attractive collection, recommended.(2000+ stamps)
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