Antigua & Barbuda Stamps

The Stamps and Postal History of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Stamps – From 1858 until 1862 Great Britain stamps were made available for use in Antigua. Letters from St John’s were postmarked “A02” and those from English Harbour with “A18”. The first order for Antigua stamps was for a 6d denomination which was the letter rate from Antigua to Great Britain. The first consignment was sent out on 1st July 1862, by the British printers, Perkins Bacon & Co, and issued sometime in August 1862. A further one penny stamp was issued in 1863. The design of these stamps was based on a drawing of Queen Victoria’s head by E.H. Corbould. A 2½d and a 4d stamp, with a new design known as the "Key Plate", were issued in 1879, a ½d stamp was issued in 1882, a 2½d stamp in a changed colour and a one shilling value were issued in 1884, all using the generic "Key Plate" design.

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Philatelic postscript: British stamps were used until 1862 when the local authorities began their own production.

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