The Stamps and Postal History of Africa

From Senegal in the West to Somalia in the East and from Tunisia in the North down to South Africa this magnificent continent offers stamp collectors so much. The splendid old stamps produced for the Belgian, British, French, Italian & Portuguese colonies contrast wonderfully against the spectacular issues from Independent Algeria and Angola through to Zambia & Zimbabwe richly enhanced by the vibrant colours and amazing wildlife so beloved of philatelists. Africa’s first stamps were the Cape of Good Hope 1853 1d and 4d triangulars, such novelties were these early ‘labels’ that a sack of them was raffled and on returning to London the winner sold his prize to a young Stanley Gibbons who built his new business from them! From its darkest corners we might find the issues of the Belgian Congo and from its brightest perhaps Nelson Mandela’s joyful  1994 Presidential Inauguration set.

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