WWII Anti-Italian Propaganda Forgeries

30/08/2012     Italy, Colonies, States & Areas, Germany, Colonies, States & Areas

Two anti-Italian propaganda forgeries of Italian stamps were prepared by the British probably near the end of 1943. Both forgeries parodied the Italian 1941 Italo-German friendship issue and indicated the notion that Hitler is in full charge of the Axis alliance. They were printed by photogravure in sheets of 20 stamps (4x5) and perforated 13.5, both are also known imperforated.

The first forgery is a parody of the 25c value (SG 555, Sassone 454) printed in green as the original. It shows changed expressions on the faces of Hitler and Mussolini – Hitler is shown snarling at surprised Mussolini. The inscription at the foot was changed from Latin text "Due popoli una Guerra" (Two peoples, one war) to "Due popoli un führer" (Two peoples, one leader) and Mussolini's sword ceremonial sword and axe have ragged edges.

The second forgery is a parody of the 50c value (SG 556, Sassone 455) but printed in green unlike the original that was printed in violet. It shows the words "Poste Italiane" at the foot replaced by the German inscription in Gothic letters "Zwei Völker Ein Krieg" (Two peoples, one war) and the value tablets don't show any indication of currency.

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